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Before sex, many people talk sweet words and add romance to the foreplay, but after sex, people often don’t know what to say. Recently, the Times of India “sex” column article pointed out that passion between husband and wife can promote feelings, improve the quality of the next sex so that the sex process becomes more perfect. To this end, several sexologists have joined forces to teach readers how to communicate after sex.

Talk about something after the warmth.

1. Discuss sexual performance.

Telling your partner truthfully that “you like or don’t like sex at some point” is the wisest option. Communicating feelings about the sex process not only makes both parties feel more relaxed but also helps to make up for the shortcomings.

Dr. Devish Roy, an expert in sex science, says communicative sex performance is healthy, but excessive profiling should be avoided. Also, if you feel your partner is inadequate in some way, tell the other person patiently and strategically. Avoid comparing their sexual performance with another person’s, otherwise, it will hurt both sides of the relationship.

2. Plan your next “sex dinner”.

Planning the next “sex dinner” at a time when both parties are in high sexual interest can help to increase their expectations of wonderful sex and close the couple’s distance.

Dr. Amit Agarwal, a sexologist, says that planning your next passion should highlight your favourite things from the last passion. Also, mention things you didn’t like in your last passion so your partner knows what to avoid in the next round. Passion is best suited for couples to develop such “intimate innovation planning.”

3. Express sexual fantasies.

After a great passion, almost all sexual desires are vented. Take advantage of the intimate moments after sex to express more sexual fantasies. Partners in a “not-too-satisfactory” state will listen more to your fantasy stories.

Dr. Chetra Bakshi, a relationship consultant, says many people like to talk about sexual fantasies in the foreplay, but the most appropriate time is after sex. Because after sex, your partner tends to be sexually excited and will be more patient in listening to sexual expressions of your fantasies. These sexual fantasies are an important part of putting them into practice the next time you’re passionate.

4. Appreciate each other’s bodies

Everyone wants to be appreciated, not only for sex but also for appearance and body. Sex is the best time to appreciate your partner’s body. Can tell the partner in person, touch each other’s body to give you the feeling of heart movement, its body curve is how beautiful and so on.

Dr. Roy believes that sex can not be separated from caressing, you can use the post-sex moments while touching the body of the lover while praising each other’s bodies.

5. Exchange “Love Language”.

You may have said “I love you” to your lover countless times, but sex is the most important thing to say. After sex, gentle whispers of love can boost your partner’s passion. Also, hugging is a non-linguistic signal of love and a catalyst for love.

Dr. Bakshi says that when you enjoy sex, most partners go to sleep upside down without realizing that they may be expecting more love moves or verbal gestures. Therefore, it is important to express briefly how you love each other and how you care about each other after sex.

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