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Many boys and girls in the process of chatting dating often afraid not to know what to say, do not know what dating chat skills, can help themselves to find more ways to warm up feelings. Here’s a look at the dating chat topics Becky shared with you, hoping to help you.

First, dating chat skills.

1.Good at finding themes

Cut into the topic with a topic you’re good at. For example, you choose the reason for this restaurant, where fun, what’s new recently, remember when you speak, please look into each other’s eyes, must have eye contact, look at each other’s reactions, generally from the tone of the other person can know the topic she is interested in. In communication, we must not talk to ourselves, exchange, interaction is king.

2.Make a good impression on each other

In fact, girls are very caring about the details, natural expression, casual and comfortable manners, do not be too formal, speak clearly and generously, will appear very confident, have seen the world, smiling, positive and optimistic, warm and cheerful, please remember that boys must not see the legs, really can not help but want to smoke, please remember to go to the smoking area.

Men must give women a sense of security, do not talk and swallow, to self-confidence that others infect others, language steely simple, generous and powerful.

3.Control time

If two people’s dating chat topic is relatively small, then the first date must control the time, time is not too long, too long between you have nothing to say, chat about topics of interest, you can pause a little, listen to each other’s ideas, a lot of times a good listening will make people like. 

Sometimes, you can’t expose all your things in the first place, a little bit of mystery, leave a little sense of conversation, give each other some ideas about wanting to see you next time.

In addition, in the dating chat skills, whether boys or girls, eat not only busy eating, for food, for this meal, you can say about the understanding of a variety of dishes, for the study of like the vegetable market, many girls for dessert is not resistant, a delicate dessert will soon capture the girl’s heart.

Second, how to find a chat dating topic? 

1. Talk about something he or she is interested in

Generally speaking, people feel more at home when they talk about themselves or what they like. Why is that? Because people know more about these topics and have thought about them.

So talk about his favorite books, movies, or music, sports, and so on. Guide the other person to say more, ask her interests, of course, you have to listen carefully, from time to time the main point of a head, give a good impression.

2.It’s interesting to talk about

If the other side’s interests after saying, you can see that the other side is a more in-driven words, then you have to say more, if all familiar with the profession is what kind of science class, technical, girls do not understand, do not in order to show themselves, but has been saying. In this way, the other side do not understand will feel very boring, you can talk about some interesting topics you understand.

3.Talk about work, talk about the future

You can talk to each other about your plans for the job, and about your future work plan, future plans, have any dreams or something like that. These not only allow two people to have dating chat topics, but also to see if the gap between your dreams and goals is not very large, not on a channel.

4.Family and friends

Family members are people we’ve known since we were little, so there’s always a lot of interesting topics, and if we talk to girls about our family members, it will close you and her distance; But you must first share their own information, such as from I have a friend such a topic, in order to ask each other’s information, otherwise the other party is likely not to speak!

5.The principle of close

If you can’t find a topic for a chat date, you can also focus on where you eat and start a topic, how do you feel about this place? What’s the environment, is the overall layout okay? Say something you can both see now, and after she says it, you can agree.

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