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A man loses interest in you and has these four manifestations when chatting.


As we all know, as long as a woman is in love, her IQ will drop a lot. In fact, this is very right, because many women in love are very blind, it is easy to indulge in the fantasy of love, so also did not have a good look at their side of the man, not to feel the man’s behavior, even if their hearts know that the other side does not like themselves, but still not sure to face this fact. A man loses interest in you, and there are four manifestations of this when chatting.

-1 – Don’t contact you on your own initiative

A man who really loves you, he will always think of you, as long as there is free time will certainly contact you, you can often feel his love from his words, and even often he will involuntarily want to stick to you, because you will be fascinated by every place in your body, your every move, every word you say, may make him unable to himself.


If he lost interest in you, then will not take the initiative to contact you, basically every time you go to contact him, he will only find you when he needs you, which shows that his heart has no you, not to miss you. A man who will not take the initiative to contact you, there is no need to nostalgia, the time to give up must give up, otherwise hurt or you.

-2 – Short reply


A man who loves you will care about everything you do, he first considers your feelings, every time you chat, will first think about what you say, reply to your message will also ring carefully first. But if a man chats with you, often only reply to a few short words, such as well, oh and other words perfunctory you, or a casual expression, it will make you do not know what to say below.


It also shows that this man does not want to talk to you more, perhaps he did not love you at all, even if he has anything inside will not share with you, you will not have any interest in things, just want to end the boring conversation with you early. This time you should also choose to let go, his heart does not have you, insist on what is the meaning?


-3 – No patience


A man who loves you, you are a princess to him, as long as you ask for not too much, then he will try to meet you. Whenever he chats with you, he pays attention to your emotions and chats with you in a gentle tone. If he loses interest in you, then when he chats with you, he will appear very impatient, impatient with you, and even cold to you.


No matter what you say about him, it doesn’t matter what you do, even if you are good communication with him, he is only a cold response to you. It feels like you’re not even as good to him as a friend. Love you, chat with you when full of love, do not love you, you do not count anything.


If he has these performances, then you should not deceive yourself, do not let yourself so humble to love a person, it is better to let oneself leave, the next person will certainly be better than him.

4. Find all kinds of excuses, do not want to meet you lost interest in you, he can find a lot of reasons not to meet you. If any of the above arises, I suggest you reflect on their relationship. See what’s wrong, don’t always think about it. Don’t make any noise, to retreat, is the greatest respect for their own.


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