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In order to attract more viewers on the live stream, the anchors are doing everything they can, and even some people have made a lot of heart-tringing moves to catch the eye.

Yesterday, a horrifying video clip of “Death Live” went viral on the Internet.

In the video, a man holds his girlfriend, who he killed, for more than two hours after violently punching and abusing his pregnant girlfriend.

At that time, the reaction of netizens was: How can someone do such a bad thing in front of the camera, hope it is false.

Unfortunately, this horror broadcast is not a play. The video’s protagonist, Russian Stas Reeflay, kills his 28-year-old girlfriend Valentina in front of tens of thousands of people.

What’s even more frightening is that Stas Reeflay, who has long made money from mistreatment of women, is Russia’s little-known internet star, and his murdered girlfriend is, in the eyes of many, just a “laugh-worthy” entertainment.

Stas Reeflay – Real name Stanislav Reshetnikov, an international live video platform with a large fan base. His usual live broadcasts were almost vulgar: alcoholism, smashing, revelry, the yellow content. 

Even so, it attracts the attention of many people.

Not long ago, Stas Reeflay received a reward from an audience member. Tell him he’ll give Stas Reeflay $1,000 if he promises to do a bit of a stimulating, abusive prank on his girlfriend.

The anchor actually took $1,000 and planned a “prank” on his pregnant girlfriend.

At the start of the broadcast, he punched his girlfriend Valentina in the face and head, and Stas Reeflay then poured cold water on his girlfriend as she groaned in pain.

This is a pregnant woman! Is it crazy to live-stream domestic violence and pour cold water?

But this is just the beginning. Stas Reeflay ordered his girlfriend, who was wearing only her underwear, to the balcony. His girlfriend begged him not to do so, and was pushed to the balcony, where she pulled on a coat and tried to wrap herself up.

But the man grabbed the clothes and told Valentina: “You need to wake up now.” “he locked her naked, wet girlfriend out of the door.

It’s already Winter in Russia, and the city is the village of Ivanovka near Moscow, with minus 10 degrees at night and a maximum temperature of minus 4-5 degrees a day.


But while his girlfriend was locked in a cold Russian winter, Stas Reeflay continued to snuck in with the live-streaming network, seemingly unsyswering about the safety of his girlfriend and the baby in her belly.

It was exactly 15 minutes before he got up and went to the balcony to call someone. But opening the door Valentina was no longer breathing – she died of hypothermia.

Even when he saw his freezing girlfriend with no signs of life, the man didn’t stop broadcasting, but instead dragged her body into the house and tried to wake her up, as if he had found a better show.

In the video, he appears to shout anxiously:

Valentina, are you still alive? Valentina, are you still alive? My bunny, what’s wrong with you? ”

Valentina, Valentina, damn it. You look like you’re dead.

“Little rabbit, come on, say a word, I’m worried, I’m worried. Damn, I can’t feel her heartbeat. ”

Then he even explained to the audience, as he was on the variety show: “Brothers, no pulse, no face, no breathing.” ”

He then placed his girlfriend’s body on the sofa, the easiest place to see in the camera. He started playing in front of the computer again, hitting an ambulance, and repeatedly made tears, a painful expression of support.

But at the moment the live broadcast continues, with tens of thousands of viewers watching the death, some denouncing Reeflay, some worrying about Valentina, but the sound of the show constantly jumping out of the screen.

Is Reeflay really sad when he hears these sounds? Or is it because you’ve got the money to laugh?

Some time later, the live broadcast itself was carried out on a paid website because of the police’s visit, but viewers uploaded the clip to the open platform Youtube because the content was so shocking. has attracted global attention.

A post-mortem examination revealed three wounds to the girl’s face, multiple serious injuries to her head, including a closed skull injury, and multiple bruises from hematomas. Reeflay can be seen beating his girlfriend relentlessly and forcefully before she dies.

In Reeflay’s test report, police found that his blood was heavily containing high levels of drugs and alcohol. Some wondered if her girlfriend Valentina would have carried out the gruesome live broadcast after taking a lot of drugs.

But Valentina’s friends say she never takes drugs and drinks only occasionally. Not only that, but also a kind, helpful girl. Like small animals very much, the family also adopted a lot of stray cats and a Labrador.

Not long ago, Valentina was thrilled to announce her pregnancy online. Who would have thought that now it was a corpse, and it was the father of the child who killed her.

Reeflay has now been detained by police and an urgent investigation has been launched. At first, police thought Reeflay was really the manslaughter of a “prank”, but after investigating his live account, more brutal and unseeded scenes shocked people.

Reeflay’s live stream shows the twisted and depraved way of life, binge drinking, beating his girlfriend after taking drugs is already a “reserved show” and sometimes even beating Valentina in front of a large group of friends.

One of the brutal clips shows Valentina lying on the sofa resting. Reeflay and two companions sprayed pepper spray on his girlfriend’s face and smiled and said they would bathe her with pepper spray.

The girlfriend screamed and jumped, and several people sprayed Valentina with stimulant spray, which they sprayed again when the girl was sore that she couldn’t speak.

Eventually Valentina wriggled in pain on the floor, crying and wailing. Reeflay, the original creator, was already drinking without emotion.

In another clip, Reeflay, after an argument with a friend, treats his petite girlfriend as a meat shield to stop her from hitting him.

Another woman yelled at Valentina, then hit her repeatedly in the head, and ended up hitting her on the head with a plate of food, but Reeflay didn’t mean anything to help. 

Valentina is also seen in the video being pushed from a chair to the ground, knocking over a glass bottle; her clothes are lighted on the bed by Reeflay; he picks up a chair and guitar on Valentina during a fight; and points the camera at the girl’s face while urinates.


It’s all in front of the camera, all under the watchful eye of tens of thousands of people.


In his live room, he slapped his girlfriend and female friends, invited masked strangers to his home to beat his girlfriend, and drank vomit to force a woman to undress, sit on her thighs, and imitate sexual behavior.

But no one from Valentina or anyone in the video called the police, and the audience was filled with laughter as cries, screams and cries for mercy came from the live broadcast.

On the pay-per-view platform, Reeflay is full of violence, pornography, personal injury, and hate videos that are the platform’s revenue guarantee. And when the video was transmitted to the pipeline, the pipeline not only did not review the video content, not even the viewing age limit is set.

A girl and her unborn child died in a carnival and watching by tens of thousands of people. Russian police say Reeflay faces up to 15 years in prison if convicted.

Liza Lazerson, a Russian women’s activist, attacked the hypocritical censorship on the social network: Youtube bans bare, but there is no reservation about the brutal scenes of violence and female feminine killings. “

It’s like telling people that it’s okay to do this – it’s normal to hit a woman, and you can even step on the victim’s blood and make money for the site.

If the despicable Reeflay sees his girlfriend as a money-making tool to cater to himself and some of the misery of women; then the audience that keeps clicking is an accomplice to the stench; and the platform for condoning such content to spread profit, or even rationalize them, is to cut the victim’s throat.

In this case, many people should be punished, the man who paid $1000 to see the man “abuse” his girlfriend, he is also the murderer!

And those who hide behind the screen and watch the anchor kill someone are still in high spirits, rather than thinking about the police.

They’re all accomplices!

Now there are many people sighing about the girl’s death, calling for the killer to be severely punished.

This is naturally not wrong, but we must remember, in severe punishment of the murderer at the same time, but also to find that 1000 yuan, “buy” a human life of the netizen.

and the people who watched the girls die on the screen. The netizens who watched the killing live were all murderers!

Do you think the people watching the live broadcast are accomplices?

Leave your opinion in the comments area.

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