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Does light weight necessarily look good? Is the thinner you are, the more beautiful you are? The previous aesthetic was out of date. In fact, boys don’t like girls who are too thin, most boys like curvy girls.

Today’s article is to verify this fact.

I’ll tell you what

What kind of body are most popular with boys?

Feel it together:

The test is like this.

Let 3 girls of different sizes

into the same room,

Their bodies are:

1.Sports girl, she has a abdominal muscles, body fat content is low.

2.Curvy girl, she has a big chest, thick legs, thick waist.

3.Dry thin girl, she has a thin waist, legs, small chest.

Take a look at the image below:

Then let 10 men

Go into the room alone and chat with them,

Each person chats for 30 seconds.

When these men entered the room to chat,

I’ve got a tracker on my head.

used to track their eyes here

The number and time of stay on the three women.

And then based on this data,

What kind of body of women

More attractive to men’s attention.

Here’s the picture

The tracker worn on the heads of the 10 men,

The focus of the field of view displayed,

Where’s the focus?

It shows where the man’s attention is.

Ten men after chatting with the three women,

The testers asked them:

“Which girl is their favorite type”?

A lot of men may be embarrassed,

They’re all quibbling, I’m not saying anything,

Others say:

There’s no type me like.

But from here,

the tracker worn by 10 men shows that

Their field of vision is focused on the most

Is a curvy girl, accounting for 36%,

This was followed by sports girls, who accounted for 35%,

The lowest were thin girls, accounting for 29%.

Good body> sporty > thin type

So,boys like curvy girls

It makes sense.

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