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Let your wife miss you, in fact, is to let her repeatedly play the picture with you in her heart, just like playing back a movie.

You’ve seen a lot of movies. If you think about it now, what kind of movies would you like to see again? Of course, it’s the movie scenes that make your blood boil!

In other words, it must be those that make her mood swing. As I said, mobilizing a girl’s emotions is the key to attracting her.

If your wife is with you, she’s nervous for a while, excited for a while, happy for a while, and then she’ll think about you easily because you’ve given her feelings that no one else has. You made her feel different emotions.

People’s bodies are strange, people’s memories of emotions and feelings are always very profound, such as you take your wife to a place she has never been to, eat food she has never eaten.

So, the next time she walks down that road again and walks into that restaurant and smells that food, she’ll instinctally think of you.

Her body will come before her logical consciousness and remember the feeling of being with you.

1.This is called, touch the scene of life.

So, all you have to do is make your wife touch more scenery, she will often miss you. How do you do that?

Quite simply, scene conversion.

If you want to give your wife a different emotional experience on a date, you need to change the scene more.

For example, you ask your wife to eat, don’t just eat, don’t stay in one place. When you schedule an appointment in advance, you schedule more activities and a tighter schedule.

For example, after dinner, take her to the playground, then have a cup of coffee for an emotion, and then watch a stimulating movie (to mobilize her emotions again), or even you can take a wife to do something crazy. Let her do “bad things” with you. This is really effective.

For example, once, we went to dinner, and so she ate almost, I secretly told her, do you want to try, eat the feeling of overlord meal?

Then I took her hand and ran all the way out of the restaurant.Actually, I’ve already bought it in advance, but she doesn’t know.

She also told me afterwards that when she did “bad things”, her heart was about to jump out, and when I told her the truth, the look on her face, wow, was wonderful. Of course, it took her a long time to remember.

2.Unfinished events.

Psychology has a very important effect: the Zegnik memory effect: people are more impressed with things that have not yet been dealt with than what has already been dealt with.

Don’t understand? Imagine that when you’re playing a good game, watching a game and seeing excitement, there’s a sudden power outage, or a sudden disconnection. How do you feel in your heart?

The more you don’t know what the result is, the more itchy you become, the more you think, the more you think. I’m telling you, so are the girls! Moreover, the girl’s curiosity is heavier, if one thing you tell the wife, but did not tell her the result. She really might think of going crazy.

You want to take the initiative to end the dialogue party, so that the girl always has an “unfinished complex” in her heart, she will always miss you! This is the Zegnik Memory Effect. No one likes a thing that is not finished;

So, let the wife miss you, the simplest way is not to meet the requirements of wife. Once your wife’s demands are met, your value will be gone in this matter, and she will not miss you again.

3.Let the wife not know if you still like her

Our brains are lazy, and we don’t spend time and energy thinking about things that have been identified. But he has doubts about things he’s not sure about, and he’ll think about them over and over again.

You’ve experienced this feeling, and you know how strong it is. (I’ve been tortured through the night by this feeling) In fact, the fundamental reason is that you can’t tell if she likes you. You think she likes you, but she doesn’t seem to like you that much. You are tormented by this uncertainty in your own heart.

For the first two weeks, she’s warm to her wife, and then the third week is cold, and she’s not sure if you still like her.

From then on, as long as you can hold back, she will start to contact you, you will be as in love as before. 

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