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I am girl, always to the male friends around the idea of how to chase girls, and also let them successfully catch up. So I stand in the perspective of women, talk about how boys should chase girls.

 It is recommended to collect it and look slowly. Because it’s really going to be long. But very practical.

Since you can ask to estimate that boys should be quite shy, there is no love experience. Then from the simplest start, chat with girls, take the initiative, you find her more chat with her, friends circle give her more praise, anyway, is a variety of brush presence, let girls begin to get used to your presence, you have a good feeling. Don’t worry at this time, it’s likely that the other person hasn’t risen to the point where you want to fall in love with you, but there’s a good begin.

Remember you also want to publish a circle of friends, publish that can show their own advantages of the kind, in order to let her see.

If you like fitness, then send a picture to the gym punching, there are muscles can be properly showed, appropriate , micro-show so once is enough. The average girl who shows her muscles frequently doesn’t feel good. But you can fix the time to send a friend circle punch, such as twice a week fitness, you can’t beat the two times a week to send a friend circle punch, remember the content to be short, appear very daily don’t deliberately. Such a long time girl will feel that you are a goal can stick to the end of the person, character plus points.

 Don’t take a selfie, send him a selfie. Let your mother or good guy help you, want that kind of natural unannored kind of he shoots. Can be captured when you play basketball, can be to travel to the park or even the road to sneak up on the street scene to shoot your back, side face and so on. Of course, the photo looks good ah, the scenery is not important, you have to look good, either thin, or long legs.Oh yes, when taking pictures or a little attention to the meter ah, there is a personal style of the best, really no shirt jeans / sweatpants to wear.

If you have talent, for example, you can play a musical instrument, piano ah violin ah guitar ah, that’s good ah you can send a photo to send a small video show. So you can draw, whether it is sketching Chinese painting oil painting casually you, you can in the circle of friends you sit in the studio quiet painting back of the photo, you can also send you draw the finished product, that color looks good but obviously not finished can not see what the painting is, can also be. This is a plus. It doesn’t matter if your favorite sister is cool hip-hop or a gentle little lady or a silly cute woman, no matter what character they look like, they will like boys with good temperament, believe me.

 If you happen not to be good at either,it doesn’t matter, you can study the girl’s circle of friends, to understand her preferences. Where she wants to go, what she likes to eat, what she likes to do every day. You can go where she’s been or where she wants to go, go to a restaurant she likes, eat food she likes or has always wanted to eat that she hasn’t eaten, read books she likes to read, take pictures and send friends. She’ll probably take the initiative to comment on you, if the early communication is more pleasant. She commented that you can find her private chat ah is not, one to two you will have a lot of common topics, you talk a little bit, if really intro-looking words, then remember not to send uh, oh, ha ha,。。。 This kind of thing, send more text, such as good good, yes, you say reasonable, this kind of.

About 3 weeks to a month so online chat bar. For their own grasp, the point is that when you take the initiative to find her, she can more and more seconds back to you, chat with you can send a lot of words, tell you about her own life, give you to share her favorite article movies and so on. When you don’t take the initiative to find her, she will take the initiative to come to you, ask you why you are busy not to eat or not eat a class. I even say that I’ll tell you I’ll cry to you about my grievances or something if I don’t get along. Of course you have to cajole, the tone can be a little ambiguous, this time, is to explain that it is time. It’s time to get her out of the line and talk about further development.

How to say that the feeling is not chasing girls but slommy? But this approach is indeed highly feasible.

Then you can find a suitable day to ask her out to play, you can try to ask her when she is free, you can start from dinner. Take her to the restaurant she wants to go to, the art exhibition, the museum, the coffee shop, the bookstore, the park. All right, look at the specific place to see what the girl likes and wants to do. Of course you have to take good care of all the way, what help to take the coat to get the bag, help pull the chair to deliver paper towels, the end of the date to send the girl home, the girl when stupid or cute rub her hair, gently rub!


Don’t forget! Crossing the road uncensuragedly pull her hand, to the opposite side of the road in the release, more look at her, eye-opening kind, gentle, look at her eyes, and so she and you look up, the heart for five seconds, and then dodge and so on.

Then the end of the date and then online chat ah don’t stop contact, now is the time for the relationship to heat up.

The cinema advises not to go on your first date and wait until you make an appointment for the third time. Cinema is naturally a good place for feelings to heat up. Choose a movie to watch all she likes. Remember to do anything to see my sister like it! If she likes cartoons you accompany to see, like love movies to watch, even if this is quite boring also don’t sleep, if sister likes sci-fi movies go. For example, I am a straight iron woman crazy like Marvel, like Jason Stenson, like stone Johnson, like bio-chemical crisis, also like brain burning movies, disaster movies and so on. Anyway, it’s a little bit of a boy, so watching movies always doesn’t go with boys.

About the third time to start about the cinema. Being able to get to the present means that the girl should be quite nice to you, and then about the cinema. For example, you can hold hands, you can pinch your face, you can lean on your shoulders, you can hold your shoulders, you can even kiss her. But the scale is still a little bit, but don’t kiss as soon as you come up! Tentative, hold her hand, see how she reacts, and if you don’t break free, you can hold hands for about a few minutes before you take the next test. Remember don’t worry, everything waits half an hour before you start your trial.

If the above girls do not resist refusing you or anything, but shyly smile at you, then, almost. It’s time to make a statement.

You can buy a bunch of red roses, you can choose her favorite flowers, but red roses generally do not go wrong. A big bunch, remember, is a big bunch. If affordability permits, 99, otherwise 52 can. If you want to keep a low profile 33 is enough, depending on the financial conditions at home for girls. If you like this girl’s home is in good condition, and your condition is not bad, the white bouquet is still a little better. Remember to buy flowers when the red rose, yes, very vulgar, but, it works. Don’t buy any yellow and white champagne colors and other messy colors, it will be red.

You can send flowers to restaurants/cafes where you’ll have to report later, and things you want to tell you about, like gifts, cakes, etc. Then pick up girl, pretend it’s another daily date, and surprise her.

Or you have an idea can also go according to what you think or girl like the way to prepare confession, I this way of confession is to raise a, more secure and not easy to make mistakes. But it’s certainly better to have new ideas. Choose the right way for you and your girl. If the girl is very intrinsiable do not like the court of the public this kind of, you can choose to send home at night to tell him that it is also good. Anyway, you’re right when you find an ambiguous atmosphere!

And then basically take it down. Confessions generally succeed. And then you catch up.

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