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Why do men become more and more cold to me after sleeping with him? Tell me he don’t feel, it doesn’t fit, what do I do?

So I’m going to say this today:

What on earth are men thinking when they sleep with you?

How to make men love you more after they have sex with you, and can’t live without you.


What kind of girl is easily abandoned after sleeping?

Men are natural hunters, and when they pick their prey, they measure the cost and start at the lowest cost.

Simply put, girls who are labeled “I’m easy get for men” are the most vulnerable.

Would you cherish a cheap dress bought by a mall sale?

Imagine you’re a man, experience it with the same mind.

(1)Value mismatch: men high and women is low

When you’re worth far less than the boys who have an intimate relationship, you’re counting on sublimation by being in a relationship.

But after the relationship, he refused to establish a sex relationship with you. This is because of the misality of psychological expectations of men and women. A man’s way of thinking is the opposite of yours, and before he had sex with you, he was governed by hormones. After hormones recede, men return to rational thinking, and then seriously consider your relationship. Early relationships because of a rush to establish a relationship can make a man think about matching your weaknesses with your values. So he cold to you.

Therefore, in the case of value mismatch, first find a way to pull up their own value, once buckled “easy get gril” hat, men will inevitably look down on you, your relationship will be cold.

(2)Overexposed to a sense of need

Often send some reverie photos at FB, either in a hotel bed, or in an ambiguous dark nightclub, always half-exposed, or wearing a sexy sling.

Or always send words that express your personal emotions at will:

“Overtime into the night, a person’s room, lonely and cold…”

“Every holiday is a worry, I don’t have a boyfriend!”

At this time a man will define you as a lonely woman, his goal is to sleep you, so after sleeping you will be responsible?

(3)Obedicisity, was labeled “good to get it done”

As we said earlier, being labeled “get it done” is the scariest thing.

Some girls once found a high-quality male, began to do their best to cater to him, there is a demand.

A man’s love is made up of a desire to conquer, a sense of accomplishment, sex, and habit. Before “sex” relationships, men must be inspired to conquer your desire for achievement.

Without inspiring men’s desire for conquest and achievement, directly “sex” relationship, for men, you are too easy to get, completely do not have to pay ah. Some men can’t wait to open a room with you even if they buy you a cup of coffee.

At this time, his mind will think, this girl so soon and I have sex, then she and other men may be so casual ah, then I am not easy to be cheated? So he chose to give up on you.


How to make men love you more after they have sex with you, and can’t live without you?

How do you take the best opportunity to have sex with a man and make him love you more?

I have gold tips to give away:

(1)Put in the test, examine the sincerity and increase the cost of leaving you

Test his commitment to you in the five dimensions of time, emotion, money, energy, scarcity.

Is he willing to spend more time on you?

Time investment and time to distinguish, such as accompany you chat will not care about your mood, you are sick will not spend time to take care of you, need help when will not help you and so on.

In short, not floating on the surface, but really care about you.

Is he concerned about your emotional ups and downs? Will not pay attention to your joy and sorrow, when you are angry coax you, when you are cold hug you warm you, pet you, hurt you.

Is he willing to pay for you?

Willing to spend money for you does not necessarily love you, do not want to give you money must not love you.

Did he put more effort into you?

Will he try to please you? Is he like any other girl to you? Are you unique to him?

Did he put scarce resources into you?

What are scarce resources? Simply simply said, it’s what the man lacks. For example: money is the scarce resources of ordinary men, time and energy is the scarce resources of the overbearing president’s business executives, emotions are the scarce resources of quiet men and so on. On the basis of lack of care to pay you, that is true love.

The more men invest in you, the more focused they will be on you, and the greater the cost of leaving you. Imagine, a man in order to please you, racking his brain to choose gifts, ask friends and family, search through the hot posts, but also have to read a lot of books, with a poem to impress you, he will be willing to leave you easily?


Delay satisfaction and show him your high value

Boys are born to like to chase high value, the more they don’t get, the more they pay attention to their efforts.

Yes, you’re going to build “God” sex in front of him.

Which man would easily say to a beautiful woman, I want to sleep with you.


They won’t do it because high-value beauties are pure and sacred. They love in their hearts, but in action must be ready to say.

Before you have an intimate relationship with him, you are trying to establish such a process of conquest for him.

In that case, it’s an achievement for him to have sex with you.

The specific method is to delay satisfaction, I said delayed satisfaction, of course, is not a simple refusal, but let him see your self-worth, you are too good, like his dream lover, he can not be reluctant to “consume” you so quickly.

Sufficient delay in satisfaction in order for men to pay enough attention to you at a later stage. All men will cherish hard-won women.

At the same time, through the promotion and display of value, wretched men will also know the difficulties.


Ritual sense, I’m not a girl that anyone can get

Life should have a sense of ceremony, for a decision to live a happy sex, to give each other a little sense of ritual is essential.

Because you want him to know – “I, not everyone can get the girl!” “I am very precious, only full of charm and sincere love for me, you can go through a lot of hardships and sleep with me.”

Sleeping too early, how to turn things around?

If you have gone to bed early, leaving a man with the impression of being “casual” and “too easy”, how can he turn things around and let him pursue you again?

There is also a wisdom bag.

No matter what reason you’re in a premature relationship with a man, you’re prone to being “easy girl” by boys, and there’s uncertainty in his mind about whether you’re loyal to him, whether you’re cheating on other men or not.

You have to make men feel that your sexuality is not open, you are not a casual person to have sex with people, because he is too attractive, he likes him too much, can not help but have a relationship.

Specific to the practice, do not go to make a big noise, do not want to ask for commitment, calm some, almost do not take the initiative to contact him, let him feel some cold.

After he’s contacted you more than three times, you can say this to him:

In fact, I am a very traditional very conservative girl, I never casually contact with men.

This time because of you, I suddenly can not control themselves, I really good useless, as a woman, I can not love themselves very well.

I like you so much, you are so charming, maybe again I still have no way to control my emotions.

Men get a few messages from your words:

He is very charming, you love him very much, you want to restrain yourself, but can not control their own feelings, you are not an easy girl, but need him to cherish the true love.

When he realizes this, he pursues you in turn.

Have you learned?

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