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How do you sleep with your lover on the double bed? There’s a line: “How we behave in bed is how we live.” “The best test of marriage is in bed. Men love you or not, the body is the most honest.

Love your man will not let their beloved woman, after experiencing a sexual event, let you sleep alone, will considerately hold you, and even want to integrate into your dream in this way, the reality of the dream want to have their own figure, overbearing declaration of their sovereignty. Falling asleep may let go, turn around, this is a physiologically immedic fact, but once there is a little sober, hazy sleep will also be inertial patting next to, find your position, put your hands up, the body naturally leaned up, is simply want to hold you to sleep, this is a man to express love intuitive way. Girls, after each intimate, you can watch your boyfriend’s reaction, don’t ignore this little detail. This detail means that a man places you in his heart and loves you a little bit. The more you do this, the more you love you and become an integral part of his life and sleep.


1. Will care about your sexual experience, do a full foreplay. Some boys only care about their own cool, completely regardless of whether girls feel comfortable.

2. Willing to give you oral sex.

3.Don’t force you to do a pose you don’t like.

4.Tuck you in, in case you catch a cold.

5. Always praise you in bed.

6. After sex, he won’t sleep right away, you’ll be wiped clean.

7. Always make you happy in bed.

8. During sex, he groaned. Girls are not the only ones moaning. The boy’s moaning shows that he is enjoying him now.

9. Be determined not to have sex during your menstrual period.


A study by the University of Hertfordshire in the UK suggests that sleeping together is a great way to assess the quality of a relationship.

Among couples who snuggled up to each other while sleeping, 94 per cent felt happy in their marriage, compared with 68 per cent of couples who slept farther away.

Many times, couples who sleep close and have more skin contact are more satisfied and happier.

On the other hand, if two people sleep in each other’s sleep, it means that the marriage has been lit up red light, the name of survival.

In modern society, men are under increasing pressure in social life, especially in competitive work, promotion, salary increase, customer development and so on, all do not let men’s spirit is often in a state of tension. But men do not have a good place to talk, the heart of uncomfortable emotions will be in bed to vent. If a boy confides in you in bed about his troubles, he is not only in love with you, but also in trust.

To see if a man loves you or not, it depends on how you two will treat you after kissing, these are the details of love, love your man, will not let go of this wonderful opportunity to close to you, gentle holding you, give you a sense of security, want to enter your dream.

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