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After the break-up, we will have a lot of questions, why good love is gone, why the man who used to be so happy with me, now become so strange, become so cold. If you have a heart, you will find that most men after the break-up will remain indifferent to their predecessors, in fact, there is a reason for this.

1.Self-protection measures. A person’s indifference to others is usually to protect himself. Therefore, men after the break-up to maintain apathy towards you, in fact, is also a measure of self-protection. First of all, men are not always strong, their hearts are often very fragile, and the impact of break-up is often painful, in pain, men in order not to make themselves uncomfortable, or in order not to let themselves over-guilt, always subconsciously avoid the predecessor, sometimes really avoid, but also with cold words to face, which for them, more or less can weaken their own negative state of mind. So, in the face of a man’s indifference, don’t worry, don’t be afraid, keep a little distance, then you will give him enough security, his heart will naturally be willing to open for you again.


2.The heart still has nostalgia for you. So how nostalgic he is about you, how indifferent he sometimes is. Think about it from a different angle, when you desperately want something and can’t get it anyway, do you pretend that it’s not what I want at all? Children’s mentality, can be understood in this way. A man is sometimes really like a child who never grows up, and after breaking up, you are like that toy, he clearly likes it, but how can’t pull his face back. Naturally, it will be depressed, and then the negative mentality explodes, and indifference is taken for granted.


3.He really don’t like you. When he has no feelings for you at all, he will maintain a respectful attitude towards you. This is the generality of a man, although he does not exclude the past, but will exclude you, so when a man no longer likes you, you can easily judge from his indifference. Of course this can be changed, but it also requires a lot of effort on your part. Of course, we can not deny that there are other kinds of situations, but at its root, after the break-up, the most terrible is not the other side’s indifference, but their own initiative to give up. There’s a saying: As long as you take the initiative, we’ll have a story. It’s also appropriate to use it after a breakup, like writing a book, and as long as you’re willing to keep writing it, you’re sure to write a good ending.

Even if the break-up is very painful, but life is still got ah, then try to make yourself happy! Don’t be sad, don’t be sad for someone who doesn’t deserve your heartbreak, really worthy of your heart, you can’t bear to be sad. Emotional division is a very normal thing, in the face of break-up, do not force, do a good job of their own can do. Often hear this saying, “Love is only half of a man at most, but it is all of a woman”, I hope you do not be brainwashed by such articles. Women may have a higher desire for affection, but that doesn’t mean they have to live by love.

Work, study, life, I suggest that after the loss of love all aspects of skills can be upgraded, which you can save the last relationship and start the next relationship played a role in the beginning. In addition, ensure your own clean image. Decadence will only further reduce your attractiveness, after breaking up there will be a lot of free time, you can give yourself a different style, weight loss, fitness, yoga are very good shape leisure items. So when you happen to meet your ex on the street, you’ll find that you’re more attractive than ever, and you’ll perhaps take the initiative to compound. In addition to focusing on yourself, but also care about friends and family around you. You will certainly miss the time with their boyfriends, is our precious wealth, after the break-up you will be more aware of this, cherish the people around you. To get the lack of love from past emotional experiences is to rekindle your passion for love.

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