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Recently bought a few sets of sexy underwear, I thought I could enhance the interest in sex, but the result is all kinds of embarrassment, such as wearing stockings is very troublesome need a lot of time, such as too much dew without mystery.

Sexy underwear in the end how to wear in order to have fun, appear sexy and attractive? instead of an embarrassing result?

A interesting toy, if used inappropriately, will actually be counterproductive. From a male point of view, I personally think it’s important for girls to master these tips.

First trick:Hide it !!!

1. Put your sexy underwear in ordinary clothes and surprise your boyfriend.

If you had expected a follow-up “bed exercise” tonight before taking a bath, of course, take the “war robe” into the bathroom and replace your regular underwear – think about how surprised it would be when the other half took off your clothes, and you’d surely fall out of the way if you didn’t say anything!

Of course, the more advanced approach is that during the day has been dressed in a full set of lace three-point slings in their commuter clothes, unwittingly during the lunch break to take a picture of the lace side of the underwear or send a sentence: “I am wearing T-back today Oh!” “Believe me, he’s been thinking about the secret garden all day, and it’s estimated that as soon as you get home you can’t get to bed and you’ve been undressed!”


For example, the above, usually can wear in the suit, when playing bottoms, go home from work, seduce boyfriend to use, the full beauty of both, hahaha.

2. Keep a few sets of sexy pajamas in places your boyfriend usually can’t see.

The night was long, and no one knew what was going to happen tonight. So the home often have a few sets of soft material style sexy underwear is always prepared! After taking a bath to change to beautiful underwear, can put on of course good, even if he is really tired to have no idea, wear beautiful sleep will also beautiful dream!

Second trick: Exposed !!!

1. Just right, if the looming exposed, picks up the boyfriend’s desire.

If your back is smooth, try bare back.

Halter tops, isn’t it beautiful?

If your chest looks good, try a small exposed chest. A man has no resistance to a woman’s chest.


2. Open and bright exposed, to the boyfriend’s biggest visual impact.

Third trick: Acting !!!

There is a kind of sexy underwear is the character category, as long as the way of speaking and action refer to the uniform identity, it will be very natural to integrate into it, psychology has also been confirmed, easier than imagined. Be sure not to laugh.

1. SM

Slightly playful.

2. Japanese home clothes, cute ah.

3. Japanese uniforms

4. Men are not resistant to nurses.

Fourth trick: Do whatever you want!!!

Get some pajamas on the bed and say to him, You help me choose a dress, and then pull him into the room. Perhaps when he saw these the had hardened, and then let him go out you change and come in again, while waiting, he must have fancied countless times you put on the look, very anxious. At this time as long as you say “ok”, he must immediately come in and give you “eat”!

They say that men can’t stand teasing time not at night but in the morning.

So you can change into a “war robe” and sneak back to him some time before he wakes up in the morning. Pick up his hand on your chest, legs, or something else that makes him feel “it’s a little different” and act when he realizes it’s going to be a big breakfast. Believe me, he’ll feel like a dream.

Of course there are many, many ways, these are just the tip of the iceberg, the essence of sexy underwear is that I and the usual I am not the same. If you wear sexy lingerie every day, maybe wearing plain white panties will make him more excited. So, love is how you present a different self, the more absurd the more unrealistic things are more exciting, and sexy underwear, is the best shortcut.

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