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Not afraid that he doesn’t like you, don’t like can to create good feelings.

Donate the test method directly:

1, the appropriate “help”, constantly “trouble” him

Asking for help is a great way for a woman to deal with a man.

That is, the use of the “Franklin effect.” The Franklin effect is that the best way to make others like you is not to help them, but to let them help you.

Help is to give men the opportunity to help you, but ask for help≠ sell stupid, be appropriate, be smart, especially at the beginning to seek help is best inno-free “hands up”;

For example, open the bottle cap, borrow some paper towels, borrow a mobile phone, etc. , so as to reduce the initial because he is not familiar with you or prepared and “rejected” probability.

Next, increase the frequency of “trouble”, this two to catch up, there will be more opportunities to meet and communicate, and then you can find greater “trouble” to help him.

Here someone has to ask: This will not be very good , annoying ah?

There’s another psychological phenomenon involved here: when you’ve helped someone, even if you don’t like that person very much. Your brain also automatically adjusts your cognition to tell you that the other person is a worthy helper and that you are doing the right thing.

In this way, you will psychologically form a “path dependence”.

When the other person asks you for help again, you are more willing to serve than the first time, and you like the other person more.

And men are creatures born heroic.

So no man doesn’t like a woman who inspires their desire to protect them, asks for help properly, inspires their heroism, and increases your interaction and input.

So, don’t be afraid to trouble him, he likes “trouble”, like “need”, and the more “trouble” care about you, the more like you, you know?


2, release the good feeling, curve to save the country.

Many women think that in love, the more active, and even will make each other disgusted, will hide themselves too strictly, but worry that men do not understand their own mind, anyway, is all kinds of tangles.

But releasing good feelings is a signal that a woman sends a “getable” behavior to a man, and we signal to boys that I’m interested in you, and that just “a little closer, you can have me.”

This is a signal of action for a man, to believe that a lot of men are dull, you do not give him a clear stimulation, he will worry a lot, stuck.

Start by always “trouble” his friends, release his pathy in the middle, and slowly guide him to the hunter, so as to arouse the other person’s desire to date you, and not be disgusted by the other side.



When you talk to him, it’s best to talk to him about what he’s good at. All you have to do is look at him silently with your hands on your chin, nod and smile, and show your admiration for him.

If you’re shy, you can look at him and smile, and when you have eye contact, you’re like a fawn, with your shy head bowed, your hair outstretched, the whole process or feeling attractive and seductive.

Generally speaking, then the male god will get to the “available” signal you send.

Ask which man can resist Lily Collins with love in his eyes


Create ambiguity and just the right physical contact

No matter what the situation, as long as the ambiguous atmosphere to create a bit, coupled with just the right physical contact, it is simply a magic weapon to win.

Here’s what to watch out for: just the right physical contact! Just right and however, insensitive, in order to make people itch the most, this is not deliberately not easy between, only the most captured people.

To give another direct example, when you’re talking more hi, you can sit right next to him and suddenly hold his wrist as he talks.

There is a kind of moderate restraint, but be sure to show the true appreciation of the eyes, and his eyes collide, give him a very reasonable you say the subtle eyes.

At this time the boys were basically attracted. Because this kind of fine silent eye contact, more useful than ten thousand words.

Start with a friend, capture the other person’s basic information, such as personality, hobby weaknesses, and so on, and find common in that information, build a point of view, and quickly eliminate his defense against you.

After a period of communication can be some language and physical cues and provocative.

For example, about going out to meet, care not to help him organize messy hair, or later to him, the last time I had dinner with you really happy, I have not felt this way for a long time.

This will make his heart wave, will feel that your relationship seems to be more than ordinary friends.

Such a simple foreplay to do similar, believe that his inner fire has been burning, then you do not move, gradually reduce the frequency of appearance, he will think, he is not interested in me, why did not move.

Then this time, the man will come to contact you.


3.Desire to indulge the two methods

Contact your favorite boy, don’t need to contact every day, just let him know you’ve been following him.

He doesn’t know what his mother’s birthday is. You give him reasonable advice;

He travels abroad, you remind him of the local cooling, more thick clothing to keep warm;

Found a delicious restaurant, recommended to him;

It is this slow penetration that strengthens your connections and can even form some special forms of communication between you, forming patterns that belong to you.

Then, suddenly disappear for a period of time, and so on when the polite reply: the recent busy paper (has been working overtime, catch up with the program, etc.) no time, sorry.

At this time, let him have an uncontrollable feeling, is used to you have been in life, suddenly fade out let him not get used to, this is that he once again formed a “cognitive dissonance”: find objective reality (ignore him) and their own cognition (you have been around), will produce a feeling of dissonance and uncomfortable;

The solution to this cognitive dissonance is not to admit cognitive error (you have the right to ignore him), but to accept a new perception: Do I care so much that I like you?

At this point, he’s slowly getting on your sleeve.


Seduce him, seduce him and run.

Some girls are always careful, afraid of what they say is not good, make boys angry. Don’t be afraid, like to seduce, ambiguous little seduce, the most heart-warming.

In this way, after seduthing will not be mentioned, end the topic.

The key, run is the essence, the point is: not afraid, not passive.

You just have to express: I have a good feeling for you, you can come after me, but I am not you can not be the person, you do not take the initiative, I am always robbed of the feeling of others.

The fourth stage, with the help of external forces, to create a “crisis”

We often see on tv that both of them are slightly nice, but when they are still in contact with each other, suddenly there is an external pressure to break them up and their feelings will sublimate.

Reality is also common, would have been quite good for a person, still hesitating to say, suddenly there is a very strong love enemy in the pursuit of each other, immediately firm their own confession determination.

This situation is loss aversion: people’s pain of loss is often greater than the joy of getting it.


So can be in the feelings of more than a friend, lovers are not full of the situation, make good use of the “crisis” stimulation, so that the male obediently confessed to you.

Finally, let’s review: we step by step, let the favorite boy into the “Franklin effect” trap, and then infected with the “path dependence” inertia, and then stepped on the “cognitive dissonance” trap, and finally there is a “loss disgust” waiting for him, you think he can easily escape your five-finger mountain?

In short, elegant love is a “long-planned” arrangement, can seduce can not be chased, heart but not action, as long as the method is right, wait for the “defendant white” that day!

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