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How to make up for reconnecting after big fight?

Couples in love, couples get along, there will always be quarrels.
Sometimes, because there is no clear explanation of the misunderstanding.

emotional Life Love Psychology

why do guys go cold after breakup?

Often hear this saying, “Love is only half of a man at most, but it is all of a woman”, I hope you do not be brainwashed by such articles. Women may have a higher desire for affection, but that doesn’t mean they have to live by love.

emotional Life Love Psychology

How to let him pursue you ?

Not afraid that he doesn’t like you, don’t like can to create good feelings. Donate the test method directly: 1, the appropriate “help”, constantly “trouble” him Asking for help is …

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How to wear sexy outfits for bed?

The essence of sexy underwear is that I and the usual I am not the same. If you wear sexy lingerie every day, maybe wearing plain white panties will make him more excited. So, love is how you present a different self, the more absurd the more unrealistic things are more exciting, and sexy .