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1. If you look at him, he will look at you and smile at you

2. Whatsapp or FB take the initiative to chat with you.

3. Ask about your vacation schedule and where you will go

4.  In the process of getting along with each other, we should take the initiative to bring up topics, ranging from sschool events to trivial life matters

5.  Often look at you giggling, is the kind of look at you do not speak is to laugh.

6. Things you need help with at work or in life He will actively do the invitation, which is the point, boys if they don’t like you will not invite you, after all, he has all kinds of games to spend time.

7. Pay attention to your life trace. As far as whatsapp/ FB is concerned, it is estimated that all your photo albums in the circle of friends have been rummaged, so as to summarize your hobbies and daily life trajectory, so as to facilitate action.

8. Will tell the best brother that he likes you (different from person to person). The boy who has a intimate brother will also tell his brother that he has a favorite person, which is similar to that of a girl who likes to share it with his best friend. The general brother began to act as an aide to help the boy win the heart of his sweetheart.

9. When you meet someone you like, you will have physical contact. After entering the stage of relative familiarity, although their rationality tells them to restrain themselves, they always like to touch their head, pinch their faces and pull their clothes.

10.  When a group of people play games and laugh, they always look at me.

11.  Whenever I feel being watched, I turn around and see him looking at me.

12. All kinds of praise, all kinds of vague language

13.  Feel your head

14. Bending around unintentionally approaching

15. Pretend to have something to show you and pull you in his arms

16. Remember what I don’t like to eat

17. When I’m not happy, he always find the opportunity to chat with me and ask me about my situation

18.  When you’re with other men, he’s jealous.

19. Even if he will listen to you, he will often talk about himself. He wants to show you all his achievements to prove that he is worthy of you.

20. He will remember many details you casually mentioned in the conversation. For example, you don’t like durian.

21.  When he is with you, he often dresses up.

22.  His facial expression changes more when he is with you than with others.

23. When you sit very close, he will come to you. He’ll make excuses to touch you whenever he gets a chance.

24. He prefers to be around you, even if he should be busy working or dealing with another important task. He will be more friendly and generous when you are around him.

25. He doesn’t like anyone to offend or insult you in front of him.

26. He will protect you and make sure you are safe and sound.

27. He always wants to go out with you and introduce you to his friends.

28. He will do something to make you happy.

29. He will help you financially.

30. He treats you better than any other girl.

31. When he starts to share his personal secrets with you, he basically likes you.

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