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1.To create freshness

For example, you dress up very well every day to go to work. On this day, you dress yourself up brightly, put on a dress of all kinds, and then spray some charming perfume, and then deliberately walk around him, walk around, after a few rounds, he will say: “You dress up so beautiful today why?” “At this time, you can say, “Nothing, I’m in a good mood.” Then, the next day, in a different style, you continued to dress up beautifully.

After a few days, he will take the initiative to ask you out, this time, be sure to hang up his appetite, you can say: “I’m sorry, I made an appointment today to eat with firends.” ”

The next day, he will continue to ask you, you can continue to say: “There is a dinner party today.” “It’s just three times, the third time you’re asked, you can dress up more beautifully to go to the appointment.”

This is what psychology says, the Guliji effect, men in the psychological have a tendency to like the old and new. So, you’ve always been a family woman in his eyes, and once one day you dress up more than a petite person, he’ll want to find the New World and rekindle it for you.

So, in the seemingly bland marriage relationship, you need to pay more attention to their own dress, don’t say to yourself “has been so familiar, I have seen everything he has seen, I dress up is useless”, this is typical of their own laziness to find excuses, imagine, you have seen raw beef, but will be good beef no appetite?

Remember, every day to spend a little more mind to love themselves, dress up themselves, let oneself live more refined, to be a delicate woman.


2.To maintain a certain degree of independence

Independence is an important attraction for women, whether it is economic independence or personality independence, if you do not have their own life, and do not have their own work, and emotionally completely attached to your husband or boyfriend, then your marriage crisis is not far away.

Suggest, run your life well, go out and play, party, don’t stick to him so much, be an independent attractive woman, he will love you more.

3.Let him have a certain sense of crisis

After you find out that your husband is starting to snubb you, you can make him feel in crisis. For example: one day, dress yourself up in a variety of styles, paint colorful makeup, put on a new dress, in a charming hairstyle. This is, your husband will be wary to ask you: “You dress so beautiful to do?” ”

You can say, “I asked my friend for afternoon tea.” ”

He would go on to ask, “What friend?” ”

And you say, “Xiao mei.” You know it, too. ”

He would go on to ask, “Why are you dressed up so grandly for an afternoon tea?” ”

At this time, you can pretend that it doesn’t matter: “Oh, after afternoon tea, in the evening there is a club event Xiaomei invited me to join.” ”

Note that here’s a point that’s important:

I was going out to play, yes, but I told you in advance, and I went out with friends you know. This means that I have no hustings, and I am not prepared to know him 0 he is of the opposite sex. However, I went to the party with my friends and probably knew a lot of people, men and women. If, at this time there are other boys have a good feeling for me, said like me, this is not I can control. After all, I can’t live in other people’s minds.

What you’re saying has to make the other person feel like you’re not deliberately targeting him and that he can’t pick anything wrong.

When this time, he will feel that he is snubbed, he will be very worried that other men will be attracted to your beauty, he will worry about whether you think he is inferior to other men, so he will make a number of people to please you, let you rekindle his enthusiasm, let you pay attention to him again.

However, to create a sense of crisis this skill to be used with caution, we must be careful, master the scale.

Some girls are still in love with the passion stage, feel that the boyfriend has no enthusiasm for their patience, the result began to create a variety of sense of crisis, raw boyfriend scared away.

What’s the reason?

In the early stages of love, your feelings have not stabilized, you show, I have a manly relationship, very attractive to men, many men have a good feeling for me.

In this way to remind my boyfriend that if you don’t be nice to me, I’ll choose another man.

In a man’s way of thinking, he will think you are a watery poplar woman.

So to create a sense of crisis, is a good effect, but also high-risk skills, to take a good balance.

Be careful, be careful, and make sure you’re into burnout before you can use this technique.

4.enhance your core mate selection value

Of course, the above skills are very primary learning, in the period of love burnout, can only expect the role of relief. Therefore, we have to learn more advanced core values, only in this way, can let men maintain a lasting enthusiasm for you.

In a relationship, a woman’s innovative value is important, and the most important is: “irreplaceable sex.” “What is irreplaceable?” To make this man feel that you have qualities that no other woman can replace, and that he will be uncomfortable if he leaves them.

In the relationship between the sexes, the core value of women is composed of three elements: sexual value, spiritual companion, and self-worth. Therefore, in the love strong burnout period, we must grasp these three elements to upgrade the core values, only in this way, so that men can continue to maintain your enthusiasm and passion.

5. Increase the sunk cost of a man’s relationship and the cost of ending the relationship

The more a man invests in a relationship, the harder it is for him to give up and leave, which is the principle of sunk capital. So, you need to invest more in your family, both financially and in your energy time, from the beginning of your relationship to your marriage.

For example, you can try to integrate into his life, accept his gifts to you, guide him to spend more time with you, let parents and friends know about your relationship, open the relationship between two people, plan for the future together and so on.

I’ve met some women in my counseling who, when they get divorced, give money and their houses to men to express their determination to divorce and try to scare them. Unexpectedly, men really divorced, and after the divorce of men have money and housing, soon found a new woman.

6.Usually and men’s parents, friends to maintain a good relationship

Many stupid women will offend men’s parents and friends all over again, want men to listen to themselves completely, love, men may indeed be on your side, but when the marriage crisis, perhaps his parents or his friends say you are not good words, will increase the likelihood that he will leave.

At the critical time, when he wants to back down, his parents or friends a positive exhortation, often play a key role in determining whether to pull back his heart or push him in the end!

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