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Among them petite, can talk, inclusive understanding, emotional security high, this kind of relatively simple in this I do not say, these certainly can not be wrong, and most girls also mostly understand, but some people can do, some people just can not do.

This answer, I intend to say a little kernel, but you usually do not pay attention to the point, and you just willing to mind, no matter what you originally, I guarantee you now have the ability to do the kind.

First, love yourself

You want a boy who already loves you to love you more, then you must learn to love yourself, not expect to love you, then Guan Jian is how to love themselves?

For example, you start focusing on your body and start working out, learning about makeup with online beauty bloggers, or improving your mental level, reading a few more books, or developing your hobbies, all of which are essentially self-improvement.

The most important thing is to invest in yourself, to enhance their inner core of contention, even if you leave your boyfriend, you are also a very good girl, which is far more cost-effective than spending time on boyfriends.

Mirror Question: If your boyfriend gets better and better, will you love him more and more?

Second.Emotional value

You can’t deny that as long as people are in need of a steady stream of emotional values to make themselves comfortable, this emotional value can be praised by others, you will have a sense of joy and satisfaction from the heart.

When girls are angry or unhappy, most of them make a living, so it’s easy for boys to quickly find out and give them emotional value. And boys angry and unhappy when most do not speak much, because boys really do not like to say negative energy in front of their favorite girls, then make the need for a woman’s strong sense of smell sensitivity, generally you observe his attitude and tone of voice, perceived that he is not happy, do not think boys are not good, in fact, boys really easy to coax good, let you a petite or kiss him, in giving him certainly, basically no good boys.

Beyond what I say, there are too many places in life that offer emotional value.

Let me tell a short story here. 

A couple married more than three years, one day husband happy to go home with his wife said he was promoted to raise wages, a dozen to hear husband just from five dry Zhang to eight dry, wife full of unhappy said rose to eight thousand, you know my friend her husband had a monthly salary of ten thousand.

Do you know how it feels to be a husband at this time? It must be hard, I don’t want to share it with my wife anymore.

If the wife in the text for a different answer, listen to the husband’s answer, especially happy, husband you said really ah, then you can take me to eat a big meal Oh!

This answer is actually more clear than pure boast husband, and recognition of him, although spent husband’s money, but in essence you are together to share his success, in fact, on behalf of already recognized and praised him.

The problem with the change of mind in the text to the subject is that you accompanied but did what he thought was worthy of pride, do not care and strike, you have to learn to share his joy and success with him, even in gaoming point, in affirming his at the same time let him treat, or let him buy what you like, this is a very clear way to share success, and recognize his way!

So to provide emotional value, not only do you pay for each other, as long as the girls you are smart enough, you can for each other emotional value at the same time, but also let each other pay, and I’m sure that most men are happy to pay for this money.

Mirror question: Would you be more like a boy if he could provide you with a steady stream of emotional value?

Fourth: pay,

This I reckon should be the hardest point, how to pay?

A lot of people have to ask, how on earth should we pay?

First of all, pay each other, people’s genes have a more obvious bad root, the more easy to get things less cherish, but there are many people with the improvement of age experienced emotional security, Zhejiang to a certain extent to eliminate this bad root, but I must say that most people this bad root, or still in a corner as long as there is a defined opportunity, will still be found out.

So here comes the question, when two people are lovers, you pay each other’s love, the other side is easy to get, and when you pay too much, then the common roots of human nature may germinate, such as the tyrannism not to let it germinate, that is not not to pay, or let him not so easy to get on the line?

These in the nature of human nature, but as a couple, since the most intimate relationship with the above method is not appropriate, we can let the other side easily get my pay, but we have to let the other side also pay.

Here you need to go back to the emotional value, you have worked hard for hours to cook a meal, then you have to think of the other side boast about you, or kiss you, or hold you in your arms quietly for ten seconds, these may not seem like anything, but in fact he provided you with emotional price, from the knot to see the other side also paid.

This mutual pay can be your initiative to induce, can also be the party initiative, the vast majority of the time, is the need for men to have a certain pay. 

On the other turn, when he pays for you, you must also give a certain amount of anti-expensive, such as he is helping you move, six floors to carry down. You can then pour a glass of water, or give him a pinch of the shoulder, or kiss him praise him, although this is not equal to pay, but the result as long as you pay, the boy will sink in their own pay.

Therefore, we also have to make friends to pay each other, courtesy exchanges will be deeper feelings, no matter which one-sided pay, there will be no deep friendship, love feelings are not much worse.

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