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People seem to prefer the “ambiguous” feelings.

Which stage of the relationship is the most red-faced heartbeat? Ambiguous period. The Stanford Daily news said in the Where ambiguity fits into a relationship: “When you relax a little …

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How terrible is emotional manipulation? Why can’t some girls leave domestic violence?

With that kind of emotional manipulation, he will be like an adolescent child.
In the face of this kind of child, we can not completely say how to make him happy. Sometimes we should express ourselves and let him face it. This is to let him grow up, not follow him blindly.

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How to advance from ordinary friends to couples?

If you are single, there are girls you like, or take the initiative to attract, to talk about a sweet love. Even if this love, imperfect, not strong enough, not enough waves to think, no relationship, it is still like a precious pearl, still indelible, still glowing in memories.