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Whether boys are not active in you depends on what level of girl you are.

1. If you are the goddess level I think and your friends circle Weibo can interact, occasionally say a few words, occasionally get together for a meal, I am very satisfied. If I get the chance, I’ll chase it hard. I have a high school classmate, 173cm, hot body, now in Beijing as a model. When she was my high school deskmate, high school graduation that summer vacation, I tried to catch up, was declined. In the days to come, I’ll be excited every time she finds me. For this goddess level, I think as long as I keep in touch, I am very happy. Every time I see her, I can definitely evoke all kinds of beautiful fantasies, as long as I can see she, eat together. Walking together in the street, very face.

2. If you are ordinary beautiful girls for this kind of girl, I can often invite you to dinner, can send you flowers, can be confession, write love letters, give you all kinds of romance, but also willing to give you money, but also can tolerate you in the social software only reply to me uh, oh. I will make all kinds of efforts, after some efforts, determined that there is no hope, let go. Of course, with age, the pursuit of the time is getting shorter and shorter. Chasing this kind of girl when she is young can be on an annually annual level. And now chasing this kind of girl, I will spend a week or two time, if determined not to play, or do not refuse or accept, sorry, do not chase, I wish you happiness, I also go to find my own happiness.

3. If you are an ordinary girl, not ugly, of course, not so attractive, ordinary looks, put on the street is not a bright spot, occasionally a few boys are willing to hook up, blowing whistles of the kind. For this kind of girl, I will be very polite to contact you, I pay you three points, you have to return me at least one point. If you want to treat you like a beautiful girl, I’m sorry, I can’t stand it. Before the introduction of dating at home, met such a girl, people are not ugly, can also, look quite honest. I think I can socialize and live a good life. But the girl made it clear to me that she wanted all kinds of romance. I looked at her face and felt that I really couldn’t give her the romance she wanted, so I declined her.

4. If you are a middle-down girl, looks are acceptable to boys, but only by appearance can not attract boys the kind. At this time, you don’t want the boys to come after you. Even if there are boys willing to chase you, rest assured, absolutely not sincere, just want to sleep on the run, understand people understand. This time, you have to have a good character, to be considerate, but also to the boy initiative, otherwise really can not find the object. I’ve seen a girl like this before, a former colleague of mys. Although she doesn’t look good, her people are very nice, and everyone around her thinks she’s very nice. Later found a soldier, quite handsome, one meter eight, is also quite happy. Is she chased this man, do things can be said to be without any leaks, but also no other small girls of the kind of way will and petite. She was only 23 years old, so mature, it was her character that made her win. Of course, if you are such a girl, at the same time the character is not very good, the boys are not active, it may not find any good boys.

5. If you are a bottom girl, ugly, there is no advantage. At this time, you have to have a very good character, but also have a very good mentality, but also have to endure a lot of things to find a good boy.

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