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Long-term relationships are the hardest part of being in love. After the initial freshness of love, many couples’ dating patterns become Chaimi oil salt and life trivial. Have you eaten? Well, what’s there to eat? To go to work, don’t talk first. Well, cool down tomorrow, remember to wear thicker. You too…… How can we not let the mode of getting along become as tasteless as boiled water, so that your love as sweet honey as the beginning?

Teach you some ways to maintain long-term relationships today.

First, the long-term relationship needs of long-term relationship needs are divided into three levels.

1. survival needs 2. spiritual needs 3.physiological needs

 If the other party’s family conditions are not very rich, then your lover in your relationship will be more interested in economic conditions, because this determines whether you can love with her to provide her with a long-term stable and secure living environment and whether you can give her a defined future.

 So you have to know more about your lover’s demands for survival, and if her life level is higher than yours, then you have to let her see your high-level and your life-rich side. If her level of life is lower than yours, then let her see your responsible side and give her enough security. In fact, in the long-term relationship, the most afraid is not to see the future and hope.

Spiritual needs: spiritual appeal mainly refers to this relationship, you can not bring each other a sense of security, belonging, let her think you are the right person. For example, on your anniversary, did you think of her existence, did you have the intention to prepare gifts. Gifts don’t need to be expensive, but be sure to take care of them. In fact, there is a comparison between girls psychology, if she sees honey’s boyfriend, whenever the holiday is a variety of gifts, and you are indifferent. Then her spiritual needs have not been satisfied, she will feel that you do not care about her, in the long run, girls will feel that you may not love her so much. In order to meet the spiritual needs of girls, all you have to do is pay more attention to the details and special places between you, such as various anniversaries. There is also to plan your future, such as two people sitting on the sofa in the evening watching TV, you can tell girls: after having a baby, I hold you two snuggled up on the sofa, you will not rob the TV … The picture must be very warm. A picture-like description like this can have a big impact on a girl as an emotional animal, and it will make her feel like she’s always been in your future plans, giving her enough security.

Physiological needs: In this increasingly open society, people’s demands on physiological needs are becoming more direct. Love is not about doing it, it makes sense. Thirty-six before bed is not as good as the 36 minutes after bed. Sex is indescensibility, sex and love promote each other, and pleasant sex can make your feelings more close. In fact, physiological needs include not only sex, but also your figure and appearance, if you are together, you no longer pay attention to these, long-term, will make you lose the attraction of your partner. So now go adjust yourself and appear in front of each other with a new look as soon as possible. So what exactly can couples do to make love sweet? Distracting a lot of single  in the single life is also colorful, such as often with friends party, go to the concert, will go to the gym, will go to play games. But since having a partner, the center of gravity of life has shifted, every day either around the bed or with the girls tired together, gradually forget the rest of life and continue to improve themselves. You have to understand that love is only a part of life, in addition to love, we also have friends, as well as relatives, as well as hobbies, and career. Turn your attention to the outside part of love and show that you are a good young man with ideals and pursuits. Then you will find that doing so girls are more attracted to you, more inseparable from you, but in order to get your attention, will come close to you. Because people are like this, the interest in what is readily available is lacking; Respect for each other’s differences in fact two people together, is because of differences, each other attracted to each other, and then love. Once I liked the way you didn’t wash your hair and just woke up to understand, but now I hate the way you don’t trim your edges. Once I liked your simple forthrightness, what to say, but now I hate you childish immaturity, talk without the brain. There are no two leaves in the forest with the same veins, and there are no two exactly the same people in the world, everyone is unique, and if we can’t respect differences, then we won’t be able to build deep intimacy with others. Respect gives us a unique charm and shows that we understand differences. But respect doesn’t mean we have to put up with each other’s bad habits and back down. Respect is to allow the differences between two people to be able to funny show. For example, I like to listen to opera, and you like to watch funny show, I will not because you see funny show to think you have low taste, think their taste is more elegant. I’ll make you a cup of tea when you watch funny show, and then do what I love, and the process is respect, that’s recognition of our differences. Increase deep-seated spiritual communication. Get along for a long time, a lot of people chat way into life’s Chaimi oil salt. Have you eaten? Well, what’s there to eat? To go to work, don’t talk first. Well, cool down tomorrow, remember to wear thicker. You too…… How to not let the mode of getting along become as tasteless as boiled water, which requires us to carry out a higher level of communication, such as a book, a film, a trip, two people together to do food, the current hot spot discussion. Incorporating these things into our chats and lives will make love look back and not be so pale and powerless. Although the boiled water is good, but occasionally a cocktail to adjust, life will be more interesting. Common efforts to make common progress in the feelings of only one party to pay, a long time to pay the party will feel that the return is not depressed, and the accepted party will feel taken for granted. This will easily lead to emotional balance tilt, over time will lead to the outbreak of contradictions, blame each other. The pay party feels that I give you wholeheartedly, but you do this to me, and the recipient will feel that you are getting worse and worse to me, is not love me.If you set some principles for your feelings in the first place, then there is a boundary between you, and the occasional foul is to make you learn to be inclusive. If couples in the daily mode of coexistence can do above, you will find that your feelings are getting stronger and stronger, you also learned in the process how to do better yourself, how to give each other a better lover, how to love a person better.

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