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1. At first very concerned about you, show personal high value (room, car, company, release access, in fact, may be false) and male charm every day hush warm, attentive to, chat all kinds of matching interests, so that you have a good feeling for him.

2. When the ambiguous mood reaches its highest point, create accidents or confide in the shadow of the sad years, the poor of the family ugly, struggle is not easy, who betrayed and abandoned, and so on, weeping, and then win comfort and sympathy, while you comfort, take the opportunity to push you (sex).

3. Rabbit Statement of Responsibility. After rolling over, there is a period of heat, this time the sea king will intentionally or unintentionally say “I often go crazy, three-hearted” “I am very casual, not very able to control their own”, “before not ready, not very want to get married and have children” and so on.

4 After an intimate relationship, you develop dependence due to oxytocin secretion. Think two people will sweet honey has been so single happy down. Results.

5. Bad men began to make excuses, the opportunity to sting, suddenly pulled away, proposed to break up and suddenly disappeared. all kinds of cold violence. I am busy, you suspect, you do not trust me, you control too strong, you do not give me space and so on. It’s all your fault.

6. You are frantically looking for him, please him, constantly giving gifts, providing emotional value, admit mistakes.At this time you are already in a low emotional position. The bad man is in a state of harvest.

7. Bad men only accept gifts and enjoy the body, without any emotional or material rewards. The relationship between two people is very unethical, and you feel like you’ve become a simp from the very beginning.

8. You gradually notice the wrong thing and force yourself to pull away. Bad man aware, say sweet words to you, coax you two sentences. So you are soft-hearted, feel yourself suspicious, he is just very busy, not deliberately ignore themselves. 

9. You think you’ve iced up and started getting close to bad men again. Bad man and old skills again, keep the distance, cold and hot, you find the bad man when he is busy, he finds you, you are on call.

10. Repeated cold and hot, value crackdown, all kinds of rejection, demeaning your self-esteem, make you feel nothing. Bad men don’t love you, they don’t let you go, and you’re either offering emotional value or squeezing financial benefits.

11 You’re angry, you’re gone, the bad guy is helpless, because you’re being squeezed out and you’re out of value, and he decides to put his energy into other candidates.

12.Bad men have a lot of . There are a lot of clues to patrol, some bad men will hide you in the early stages, pretend to be single, later and so on after a relationship or have an relationshipオ

13.Don’t believe anything about the bad men,

14.Because at the beginning of he disguised out of the false feelings and soft heart, again and again good-natured believe in the bad men, many times fell into each other’s traps.

15.The purpose of the sea king is to

16.Capital (when the net is widely scattered, wan lucky to meet silly rich women, can achieve class leap)

17.Color (only enjoy 1-3 months of new and emotional value, play, throw aside, think about it, get up again and play and throw aside, capricious, look at his mood)

18.Money (you’re a simp, send money, send bags, send cell phones)

19.The first element of understanding the king of the sea is

20.See what the other person does, not how they say it

21.Bad men because of limited energy, the face of too many candidates, often can not tell who is who, and who did what, so words and deeds will be very contradictory.

22.Behavior will have some patterned performance traces, such as crossing the road deliberately hand in hand, help you tie shoelaces, help you organize your hair. Bad men will not want to spend too much time and money on spare tires, such as pretending to take you around the mall, and then say there is an urgent matter to leave, eat not to pay very much and so on. Feel it with your heart and you can find it.

23.Before and after the performance difference is very large, the initial polite, elegant, careful words and deeds, care to prepare, the late kind of problems will be violent, dirty words, casual, do not trim the edge, call to drink. In short, before and after the judgment of two people.

24.If the above end is found, please stop the loss in time.

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