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How long can I get married when I’m in love?

As for when it’s appropriate to get married, the New York Times once asked the classic “15 Questions Before Marriage”, and I personally support every couple to ask each other similar questions before they get married. Not much to say, go straight to the interpretation version of the 15 questions before marriage, believe me, after reading this article, you will know why these 15 questions .

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Why don’t boys pursue girls actively now?

Boys than girls more realistic, will be based on your looks and economic strength to consider whether to actively pursue you.

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How to distinguish bad men?

Bad men have lots of spare tires. There are many clues to be found. Some bad men will conceal you in the early stage, pretend to be single, and then confess that they have a girlfriend after having a relationship or having a relationship in the later stage. At that time, you have to accept the abnormal relationship.

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The secret to keeping love fresh

There are no two leaves in the forest with the same veins, and there are no two exactly the same people in the world, everyone is unique, and if we can’t respect differences, then we won’t be able to build deep intimacy with others. Respect gives us a unique charm and shows that we