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First date is the best time to improve the relationship, whether to give a girl a perfect dating experience is the key to make a good impression on her, want the girl to have a perfect dating experience, then the dating process is very important.

So here’s the question, how exactly should the first date be arranged? Here’s a look at some dating tips

1, the location of the first date to choose the best place to choose a date is in their familiar place, to prevent the appointment after the transfer trouble. On a first date, 80 percent of men choose to eat, watch a movie, or have coffee. Dating in a familiar place is like dating in your own field. Dating in your own field is definitely not shy. Why do so many men have nothing to say? Because of the lack of this core self-confidence, when you are confident, there is a lot to say. Here are some suitable dating venues: live cs, secret escapes, amusement parks, haunted houses, aquariums, DIY craft shops, private cinemas, bars, bars, KTV, hot springs, swimming pools, ski resorts and more can promote interaction with girls. Interactions naturally mobilize a girl’s emotions and facilitate physical contact when the girl’s emotions are high.

2. First impressions are very important when it’s the first time you’ve been on a first date. Dressing up can reflect a person’s taste in life. In addition, clean appearance and decent clothes are also respect for girls. For example, when you’re dating a girl on the playground for the first time, it’s clear that you’re not fit to go on a date in a formal dress; if your first date with a girl is in a Western restaurant, it’s not a good idea to go on a date in plain clothes. For example, it is recommended that girls should not wear high heels when dating on the playground. If you want to play cs, it’s best not to wear a skirt.

3, the choice of first date topic First date topic choice No matter how good you and the girl chatted online before, first date is still a new starting point, if you chat more than the current level of relationship, then your appointment will certainly end in failure. So the first date to chat with girls, the topic is best to fully interact with girls. For example, on the first date, taboo chat content has monthly salary, family and other personal matters. The best way to chat is to share yourself, and then gradually guide the girl to show herself, when asking the girl, it is best to use open questions to ask questions. When a girl shares herself, listen carefully, focus on interacting with the girl, and keep eye contact. Topics you can talk to girls are: weather, food, friends, childhood, future, ideals, TV movies, gossip entertainment, dress taste, current environment, things around you, perceptions of things, and so on.

4. The location of the first date should know that people’s freshness is time-thy-time. If you spend too much time in a dating place, the girls’ enthusiasm for dating will gradually decline. So in order to create a perfect date, you have to try to change the dating venue many times during the dating process. The purpose of the transition is to increase the emotional experience of the girl you are dating, increase the emotional investment of the girl you are dating, and increase the freshness of the girl you are dating.

Here’s a look at a dating process: First, meet the girls at the coffee shop in the afternoon, then order two cups of coffee and chat for an hour or so. Second, after a cup of coffee, take the girls to IKEA, which is good for taking pictures and snacking. Third, when visiting IKEA, book tickets in advance and go to the movies with the girls. Fourth, take the children to dinner after watching the movie. Fifth, you can send the girls home after dinner. It’s definitely going to impress the girls, but after all, it’s just a first date, it’s only going to take your relationship a step further and it won’t go particularly deep, so don’t forget to create an opportunity for your next date with the girl. When you’re having dinner with a girl, you can say, “Know a restaurant that’s particularly delicious, next time I’ll take you with you” or when you’re shopping, you can say, “My friend says something is fun, and next time we can experience it together.” “When you leave and go home after a date, you can say to the girl, “Looking forward to the next date.” “That way, you can put an anchor in the girl’s heart, and the girl’s subconscious will expect to date you next time.”

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