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Prostitutes have hearts, the world does not believe. Wait a lifetime, wait for you to come to me.

The story of this 83-year-old grandmother has so far broken many people’s hearts and burst into tears.

The hero of the story is called Xigang Xuezi, we all call her Queen Mary or Yokohama Mary, I believe that some of the people who slightly heard. 


A 2006 documentary about her, Yokohama Mary, was released in Japan, and for a while it created an uproar, with everyone watching the film crying red-eyed and depressed for a long time.


Years ago there was always a white-faced, strangely thick makeup, skinny old man, carrying a large bag, alone in the streets of Yokohama.


Tired, she rested on the outdoor bench.


Late at night, the corridor of the building, a good-hearted person gave the seat, is she sheltered from the wind and rain, to sleep in the “home.”


Sometimes she goes out early, sometimes she squats for a day like this, and no one knows what she’s thinking.


A ghostly old man, her face always painted like a geisha-like white powder, alone in a strange manner.

All this aroused the public’s curiosity, who is she? Where does she come from? When the mystery was solved, everyone was surprised.


When Japan was defeated in 1945, U.S. troops moved into Japan and began a years-long occupation.

Japanese men have lost their jobs, women have lost their dignity, innocent people can’t eat and people don’t talk about life.

At the age of 24, Mary lost her father, and her brother took over the house and drove her out of the house.


That year, Mary came to Yokohama, pennless, and mary, who had no way to go, overheard a recruitment start.

Foreign-related clubs recruit female clerks, eat and live, high-income, limited to 18 to 25-year-old women. Mary alone did not hesitate to take part in the selection.

With her childhood father’s education, Mary can play the piano, elegant face, coupled with can speak simple English, she immediately stood out as the “lucky.


Who knew it would be the start of a nightmare, and the job turned out to be a comfort program set up by the Japanese government to satisfy the sexual desires of the U.S. military, all of whom recruited girls to fall victim to the U.S. military.

The aim of the program is to protect the virginity of most large and ethnic women at the expense of the dignity of a small number of women.


And all this, Mary and the other girls did not know. So in the days that followed, Mary was confined to a small hut, ravaged by the U.S. military day and night, and received 55 “guests” a day at its peak.

After that time, Mary suffered unprecedented physical and psychological trauma, and she used her body and tears to pay off her country’s debts.


Like a beast of the U. S. military, refused to use condoms, so that the comfort of the disease ravaged. Looking at the edge of despair, but the turn of the moment came.

An American journalist exposed the inhuman crime, and when the families of American soldiers learned of it, they almost fainted in protest, and the comfort program was completely terminated.


But Mary was caught up in the streets without any compensation, without any life skills, and with disgraceful life experiences, no one was willing to accept them at that time, and was vilified In the society.


Every night, Yokohama’s red-light district, crowded, is still the hedonism of American soldiers, standing on the side of the road dagger posture, dressed in cheap skirts of girls, one by one to attract guests.


Mary is particularly different, she does not speak out, do not deliberately, the dress is also very beautiful, even with both hands wearing high-end lace white gloves.

She was elegant, she was gentle, she could speak fluent English, all of which made her the focal point of the whole street, and people called her Queen Mary.

Queen Mary’s guests were all the guests she saw, like a young girl, and she liked him so that she could give herself to him


This time, Mary fell in love, an American general fell in love with her, and the general gave Mary a rare warmth, and every day the two walked the streets, rowing boats in the park’s lake, thinking about the future in the shade.

The general gave her a valuable emerald ring, which was the love letter between the two men.


However, the good times did not last long, in 1951 the United States began to recall soldiers stationed in Japan, the general is going home, farewell to the moment, Mary and he kissed, the general told her “please wait for me, wait for me to come back.” ”

On the dock, Mary chased the cruise ship, she ran and cried, at the last minute, singing the two favorite songs, watching her loved ones go away.




In the days to come Mary still lives by standing on the street, but she changes, she betrays her body, her soul is thinking of her distant lover, yes, she is only humble living and so on the return of her beloved.

Mary, who was aging, lost her job, and at that moment she became a real vagrant.


Newspaper news of the year

There was no place to accept her, and even the Yokohama government hated her so much that they felt that the old man’s presence was simply detractive, and that she had been arrested 22 times in a row at the police station and once again acquitted.

The cafe’s owner, every time, would greet her to come in and make her a warm cup of tea.

The barber’s clerk always gives her free hair from time to time.


Yet other guests were outraged, how could such a dirty and shameless prostitute be allowed to enjoy the service with us?

Mary could no longer visit the shops, and she said good in silence, and she never showed up again.

Later, the owner of a building gave her a place to rest, and the hall bench became her temporary “home”, and the boss let her move around the building at will.

Mary is very grateful for all this, because other buildings will always hurry her away.

Mary doesn’t want to accept relief for no reason, and always sends a postcard and a towel to the building owner during the holidays.

Although she was poor, she lived proudly, never courting those in power, not flattering those who had been thwarted, and never accepting direct charity. Whoever wanted sympathy for her money, she immediately turned around and left. “It’s a prostitute’s pride,” she once said. ”


Once the owner of the make-up shop, looking at her lonely back, want to invite her to a cup of coffee, Mary knew after a lot of thunder, “What are you doing?” Go away! Go away! I don’t need it. ”

Then the old lady understood that Mary knew how she was alive in other populations, and that she did not want others to bear the gossip because of herself.


Smeone asked her, “Why dress up like this, white face thick makeup?” ”


Mary said I was covered in thick white powder so that if the general came back one day, he could notice me at first sight in the crowd. White fat powder I used half my life Shiseido, because the fragrance of that powder is the general’s favorite taste.

I walk the streets every day, in case…. I can meet him by chance.

When all this was known to all, everyone was silent, prostitutes have hearts, but the world does not believe ah.



Mary died in 2005, and she didn’t wait until she died. Many people say that Mary is not a prostitute, she is just a forgotten tragedy of that era.

Maybe hatred can be put down, but history can’t be forgotten. A strong old man, exhausted his life to guard the heart of the most infatuated waiting.


Sometimes I wonder what love is.

I’d like to wait for you to come back from school

I’d like to wait for you to leave work in the cold winter

I’d like to wait late at night for your information to fall asleep

I’d like to wait for you to give you a home

I’d like to wait / whenever and wherever spring comes and goes

But don’t let “wait” be like this…. Long, too, for lovers / for friends / for family.

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