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Today, I’m here to teach you a few tricks to conquer girls with your mouth.


Seat type

The girl sat on the stool, the boy knelt in front of the girl, holding the girl’s legs with both hands to maintain her body balance, the boy buried his head between the girl’s legs, to help her Oral sex.


Girls just need to enjoy the ups and downs of sex, because it’s a bit like sitting on the throne, while boys serve the girls, so it’s also called the heir to the throne.


Open the umbrella

To get to a more intense stage, the trick is essential, with the girl lying on the edge of the bed, raising her left leg toward the ceiling with both hands and her legs in a separate position.


At this time the boy is kneeling on the edge of the bed on the ground, buried her head in her private place, this kiss method can be more exciting, control the rhythm, the girl is very comfortable at this time.


Lie flat

When you meet a more shy girl and feel too much privacy, you can do this by closing her legs and kissing only her V-way.


In fact, this is also very feeling for girls, of course, this kiss method, not only girls have a very feeling, for men is also a more exciting way.



Girls lie on their backs, bending their legs in the air, open their legs, boys lie on top of it, for her baptism of love, with their own face, attached to the girl’s thighs back and forth friction.


Then use your tongue to lick her most sensitive parts and enjoy the position, which will make her feel magical and irresistible.



This is definitely the most classic way, perhaps many netizens have also tried, boys lying on the bed, girls lying in the opposite direction on the body of boys, both sides present the number 69 posture.


This trick can be very good to stimulate sensitive parts, you work hard she also hard, master well, both sides can be the same time volcanic eruption, when the need to change posture, just roll on the line.



In the last move, the boy lies on his back, the girl rides on his face, and makes the butterfly move posture, in the boy’s face creeping her private part, it feels like a circling butterfly in general.


Note, to gently lick, but also with their own mouth to suck, and make the sound of stains, this time girls will usually be happy to turn the day.

To be able to do this, the girl is already dying, but can not ride too hard or clamp too tight, so as not to suffocate the man or neck damage.

The sense of conquest that comes with this approach can better stimulate our mood and enhance our libido, so it’s still worth enjoying.


Dear friends, have you learned, suggest more practice Oh, familiar with the clever, but also want to learn what knowledge, see what posture, product what story, welcome to leave a message in the comments area.

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