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1. Don’t contact you really don’t like you, not because busy

2. Love at first sight is an uprising of face, and long-term love is a trade-off between pros and cons

3. Learn to stop loss in time, values can not same be separated immediately

4.Don’t look at what the other person says, look at what the other person does

5.Don’t expect love to make your life better

6. Don’t expect a person to love all your bad temper unconditionally

7. The one who loves more has no voice

8. The rekindling of old feelings is tantamount to repeating the mistakes of the past

9. Don’t take feelings for all, you can’t die without one

10. You may not be the first or the last one, not his favorite

11. Just being ambiguous means you don’t like you enough

12. Don’t dig deep into secrets, curiosity kills cats, only hurt yourself

13. Men are more realistic than women

14. His polite gentle gentleman may well have been taught by his former girlfriend

15. Cheating is a bottom line issue, don’t assume it will only happen once

16. It’s more important to hate the same thing than to have a common interest

17. No one will learn about interesting souls through ugly leather sacs

18. Any setbacks encountered before marriage are a sign of emotional problems, don’t think that carrying a wedding can be all peaceful

19. Don’t fight too often, will you be happy if you quarrel and win?

20. It’s always important to keep in good shape and make yourself more beautiful

21. When you wonder in your heart whether he still loves you or not, he doesn’t  love you so much

22. Even if once very close may turn against each other

23. Maybe you fall in love with the feeling he brings, not with him.

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