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I have a wife and a girlfriend.

“If your partner agrees, will you have sex with someone else?”

This is seemingly difficult soul torture, don’t worry, take your answer down to read…

Liina is in finance at a company and, in her own words, the job has consumed all her enthusiasm and she has gone home to a husband who barely communicates with her.

They have been asexual for three years.

Not without libido, but without freshness, even if deliberately started will soon end, perfunctory.

Suddenly one day, the husband offered to try open sex

We can find passion and experience pleasure on our own, but only if we don’t destroy the family, except for the body.

She can’t accept it because it’s completely contrary to traditional marriage theory. Shouldn’t marriage mean loyalty? Even if something doesn’t happen, try to solve it, not run away.

But just as she was struggling to get a divorce, the husband went one step further and opened the bed with the other woman.

With anger, or revenge, or the only curiosity in her heart, she entered into the agreement.

‘Every day now my husband would say I love you to her, but turn around and hold someone in my arms,’ she said. They even discuss details and share their feelings when they get home…

“I feel like we’re almost done, but we do talk to each other more than before.”

This kind of open marriage seems to be very nonsense to say because it seems to challenge the moral bottom line. But if the couple nods in agreement, it seems a little good.

“Physical things, that’s nothing” directly acknowledges the idea of loyalty in marriage

Formal loyalty and inner loyalty are two different things, and a relationship has nothing to do with loyalty.

Love who is also free and equal can appreciate the world is also a very happy thing.

In a word, physical infidelity? It doesn’t matter, just go home.

Another theory is that choosing an open relationship is already on the verge of a broken marriage.

Take, for example, the previously hot “Deadly Woman”:

One of the couples, Eli and Taylor, chose this open marriage, and they felt that as long as they were honest with each other, the marriage would not go wrong.

His wife, Taylor, brought back her lover, Jade, but as time went on, her husband, Eli, fell in love with her.

She cooks, cleans and juices, and she’s our dream wife.

It is not inconceivable that it is human nature to like old and new.

At the end of the marriage, Eli’s bad man’s property erupts, driving his wife out of the house, who had helped him out of trouble and drug addiction.

An otherwise quiet marriage, because the open life mode detonated too many hidden factors, completely collapsed, it tells us never to test human nature, because human nature can not stand the test.

Many men in life don’t become bad men, not because he’s not a bad man, but because he doesn’t have the guts.

When you give him a reasonable excuse, the weakness in the depths of human nature is stimulated.

Men, not only need a wife who can do laundry and cook but also want a flowery lover, if possible, they want it all.

What is marriage? It’s just the starting point for two people who love each other from scratch.

You may have nothing, but you have to face countless upcoming sufferings. Including temptation, boringness, quarrels, gaps, breakdowns…

Marriage really can’t stand the test.

In the final analysis, every choice of open sexual relations of marriage is to give the marriage of the problem mask of hypocrisy, temporary pain relief disease sooner or later a complete outbreak.

So don’t want to be loyal to marriage, don’t go into marriage to add chaos to each other, okay?

Choose marriage, be faithful to it

Like is unbridled, love is restraint, marriage should be love to a certain extent as a result.

So we in marriage, in order to better and each other to walk through this life, will slowly learn to restrain learn to refuse.

Since you choose marriage, you must be faithful to it.

Life is a practice, and marriage is part of it, isn’t it?

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