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Female guests were forced to watch videos of themselves being sexually assaulted.

The other day I saw a story that could almost be described as “heart-thratic”.

A reality TV show in Spain, without the female guest’s knowledge, without warning, broadcast the scene of her sexual assault, resulting in the female guest on the spot collapse.

And this reality TV show, the Spanish version of Big Brother, is a social experiment type of reality TV show. The Big Brother crew picks ordinary people or local celebrities to take part in the show, all of them gathered in a house with cameras everywhere, and their words and deeds are recorded 24 hours a day.


The girl who was injured in the incident was named Carlota Prado.

The man who sexually assaulted her is called Jose Maria Lopez Perez, who was also a contestant on the show in 2017.

It was November 4, 2017, and they in the house had a big party, and Carlota Prado was drunk at the party. Then Jose Maria Lopez Perez saw that she was drunk and took her to bed. In the process, the woman obviously showed refuse, but the man ignored, still sexually assaulted her.

Most infuriatingly, however, it was all filmed by the crew, and no one went up to stop the tragedy, instead watching Carlota Prado get hurt.

In hindsight, she was not told, but by letting the female guests themselves watch the tragedy that had happened to them, the female guest broke down on the spot.

Moreover, the group has not contacted Carlota Prado in the past two years, and they have been hiding the truth from the outside world, even diverting attention and shirking their responsibilities. If it wasn’t for Carlota’s courage to stand up and tell the truth now, no one would know how much pain she’d suffered.


After the incident came to light, the group’s practice was condemned by countless people. Indeed, for the sake of ratings, for the sake of heat, people can be so cold, their behavior is simply heinous!

Don’t they understand what you’re doing?

Of course they understand.

Just choose the benefits and the heat.

But, for the benefit, for the flow, you can not care about other people’s physical and mental feelings, wanton harm?

Someone said one thing:

When you ignore the suffering of others and revel in it, you are already on the side of the victim.

Does reality TV make sense?

Let’s not talk about it for the time being.

But the truth is, there are people who really like to watch it, and it’s true that stars who participate in variety shows get more exposure.

Their acting costs are sometimes even higher than when he plays a play and sings a song.

So more and more singers and actors began to turn to reality TV to become variety artists, began to obey some of the program group’s “unreasonable” arrangements.

In the long run, the entertainment industry will only develop to the deformity, artists will become more impetuous and empty.

Because they have a variety brush name is enough, who would like to spend time polishing their professional skills?

We sincerely hope that reality TV and the variety market, not just the pursuit of heat, but to return to calm, and the corresponding shooting norms.

And artists themselves should understand that only by their own talent and ability, there is a chance to really shine and heat.

Instead of for the flow of money, it caters to the public’s bad taste, living in the “Chumen world” can not help themselves.

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