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I matched a very healthy British girl on Bothlive last Thursday night, and her abs can be seen vaguely in her photos. She sent me a message very proactively.

She told me she was staying in Da Nang for a night, and I told her directly and honestly that I lived in Willian (25km away) and that I wouldn’t be too far away unless she was DTFdown to fuck.

She said she couldn’t guarantee it, which I fully understood. But through her answer, I could see that she was obviously interested, so I was going to hurry to WhatsApp and call her to make sure she was not worth my bike ride.


She spoke to me cheerfully on WhatsApp, but the WIFI in her hotel was very carded, the call was intermittent, basically nothing was heard, and I heard a few words.

So I decided to simply communicate with her via text message.

Here are a few places where she clearly shows her interest in me:

1.I guess I won’t see those abs.

She sent me a lot of expressions, especially after I said I like to do what all animals like to do.

3.If we meet and we aren’t feeling it, then that’s that?

After that is to confirm the time and place, just we did not eat food, agreed to eat together.

Everything went well after the meeting, she said in a text message, because I ran over, she wanted to ask me to drink to compensate me. At dinner and said to invite me to drink, I said I do not like to drink, it is not necessary, if she thinks I run over, I owe something, you can choose not to indulge (play hard to get), she laughed, acquiesced to my statement.

I offered to checkout., this meal in Vietnam is expensive, two people spent more than 400,000 dong. I learned at dinner that she had lived in Bangkok for 11 years, speaking Thai, and that the last time she had a white boyfriend was 11 years ago.

After dinner we decided to take a look at Dragon Bridge and kissed her before she got in the car. I told her I had a fantasy: I had dinner with a beautiful woman, I picked her up at her door, and after meeting her she said, “Let’s go to bed first, I don’t like to go to bed with my stomach in my stomach.” She said why I didn’t tell her earlier, and she would say yes.

When we got to Dragon Bridge, we were going to the beach to digest it before we went to bed, and it started to rain when we got to Dragon Bridge, so I had to take her straight back to her 4-star hotel.

It’s completely inevitable to go to bed, she’s always fit and she has very cocky hips and likes to be spanked by me. I’m very happy to find that her libido is very strong (the period when a woman’s libido is at its peak in her 30s and 35s), and that she’s a real cock sucker, and that oral sex (BJ) isn’t like a lot of girls licking it off like a bad one or two, she’s really enjoying it. She could easily lick me for half an hour, and I liked it. We went to bed together after I was out of food.

When I got up the next morning, I was surprised to find that I was going to have morning wood, and we had another round before we had a buffet breakfast together. The free breakfast was very rich, and yesterday’s dinner was well worth it.


After dinner, we went to the seaside single bar, double bar simply exercise for a while, the time is a little not mastered. Back to the hotel only about 40 minutes of time, but also have to clean up, bath and so on, time is very fast, go to bed is also very hasty.

She’s on the plane at 6 p.m., so we’ve got some time to take a break on the beach and take her to a nearby attraction, Chùa Linh Ứng, where we’ve been studying where she can give me oral sex.

There was no suitable location outside, and it was not too early, so we decided to go back to the gym on the 23rd floor of her hotel, where there was almost no one during the day and there was a “hidden” corner.


Luckily there was no one in the gym, so she started giving me BJ in the corner, and I was responsible for noting that no one would come in, and the whole process was a little scary, for the first time in the gym. Because the time is a little tight, I decided it was over before I shot.

Then I took her to the airport and kissed her goodbye.


She texted me after the airport security check to tell me that there was actually some time to know that I was spending more time in the gym (if only I could shoot her in the mouth) and asked if I thought miss her mouth.

By the way, I learned from our conversation that this was the first time she had met a stranger on bothlive, months after she last broke up with her ex-boyfriend.

The next day she texted me to thank me, and I thanked her. I hope more girls are as cool as she is!

This concludes this article.

I’m not writing these “stories” to brag (but to provide value and experience through my real-life experience, to broaden your horizons, to inspire you, and to hope that you know how to respond when you encounter the same situation in the future)go to.

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