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Please note that if you’re going to Gambia, don’t play with the boys on the beach, because you don’t know which one will make you fall in love. The Gambia is known as the “African Smile Coast”, where you can see endangered monkeys, unusually docile crocodiles, and another unique landscape you can’t see in other countries. On the beaches of Gambia, you’ll see countly numbers of handsome boys, but next to them, it’s a woman who can be their grandmother.

These old women are from all over the world, mostly from Europe. This interesting tourist phenomenon is also covered in the British documentary Sex On The Beach. Elderly European women travel to the West African country of Gambia, not really to travel there, but to fall in love with young men there, time and time again. Seym Rhodes, the BBC’s Channel 4 special presenter, describes Gambia’s nightlife in this way: hundreds of older white women and young black men. “It’s heaven, and every day you might have a different man, ” said a tourist who has visited Gambia several times. Another married woman in her 80s confessed to reporters in the documentary: “There are so many here that it’s hard to control myself even at my age.” “But everything that happens in Gambia will stay in Gambia.”

Gambia is a fantasy for most older women who can find romantic love. No matter what the real life, they can always enjoy the pleasure of love here, here can also satisfy all their fantasy of love. A pair of good friends in Lincolnshire, England, Jackie Simpson, 63, and Julie Ramsay, 60, say they have been to Gambia 15 times and seem to be a part of their lives. Jackie Simpson says she loves reggae music and Bob Marley is her idol, so she wants to come to Gambia to experience it. Julie Ramsay says she’s here because she’s obsessed with Snoop Dog.

But netizens have said that if they like reggae music, they should go to Jamaica. Perhaps the most attractive thing to them in Gambia is not music at all, but the young men here. Julie Ramsay says she has been dating a young Gambian man for three years and is still friends despite breaking up.

She also said she once gave the boy a guitar in an attempt to transform his into hip-hop, but the other side refused. And that makes Julie feel more attractive because he hasn’t changed her musical tastes because of love. Most women who have been to Gambia are attracted to men there. Because they are tender like water, even more gentle than the English man known as a gentleman. They are funny and powerful. Since Gambian men are so good, why are they all looking for women who are older than themselves?

An VIP tourist, Elira, answered everyone’s questions. The Gambia is a poor country, with almost half of its population living in poverty. The men pursued older women, but only to feed themselves a few meals and a few glasses of wine. They have no opportunity to develop the economy, and the greatest capital is their “young flesh”. But what they do is not simply trade their bodies and services for money.Money is certainly their primary goal, after all, money is the foundation of development. But their main goal is to secure visas for these elderly women so they can immigrate to Europe in search of jobs and a better life. Young Gambian men are not ashamed to “sell their beauty” because, in their view, it is just another form of labour in which they earn more and live better for their families by providing quality services to older women.

For them, it’s just a business, and the women who travel to Gambia know it. However, it is still very difficult to avoid, some people in which to move sincerely. Denise, a 51-year-old British woman spent 10,000 pounds on Badu, a beloved Gambian man, to bring him back to the UK. But when he went to England, Badu disappeared.

But Denise’s ability to repair is strong, although she is very remorseful about the last relationship, but only after just three months, she and another 29-year-old Gambian man fell in love. Luckily, this time she did find her own Mr. Right, but she didn’t bring him back to England.

However, Denise is not an example of being cheated, and many women who go to Gambia in search of so-called love have been scammed. Some netizens even listed ten guidelines to remind female tourists to visit Gambia. But there are also those who think that, whether it’s cheating or not, it’s also your wish. If European women really feel cheated by Gambian men, there’s no need to go and go here on holiday again and again. Reporters also interviewed Gambian men, 32-year-old Alca said that some Gambian men do their feelings as a business to sell, but he is not, he treats every relationship seriously.

Mr. Arka says he has been close to many older European women who have come to Gambia in search of passion, and he doesn’t see them as tourists, but as holidaymakers. He gave them feelings, but they always left, which broke his heart. European women who interact with Arka also give him money, but he claims to have never offered to pay, and he hopes to develop a good relationship with them.

Finally, he found his true love, Francois, a 60-something from Belgium. The two were officially married, and Francois sent Arka $70,000 to build a house in Gambia that belonged to both of them. Perhaps this Gambian-style view of love is a little ahead of its time, but on closer thought, they are just needs and be needed   of the relationship, each take what is needed. People may not know what their goal is all their lives, but they must know how to feel love, the most eager is love. Whether or not in exchange for money, for some people, can let oneself have a moment of satisfaction, feel a moment of love is enough.

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