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How do I get a girl in a bar?

In most cases, I have offered to meet foreign girls abroad (I’ve slept with three-figure foreign girls except Antarctica), but I’ve also been hooked up today to write about one of my experiences of being approached by foreign girls abroad (and finally pushed the girl down outdoors). It happened during my “working holiday” in Australia (as a poor boy, I spent most of my time working, not on any vacation, but my visa at the time was called a working holiday visa). I’ve done a lot of work in Australia, like working as a worker on a construction site (really moving bricks), cycling a takeaway, being a dishwasher for a week, selling four-day sex toys at Sydney Sexpo (seeing a cow man paint with a rooster), carrying bananas and limes on a farm for a few days, but my longest, most lucrative job is riding a pedicab. I guess someone doesn’t know what pedicab is, but it’s actually very simple, it’s a three-wheeler that pulls people, and I have a speaker on the tricy wheel (so I’m also a DJ), pedicab should be Austin, Texas, which originated in the United States. The job is mainly a nightlife job, pulling customers from one bar and nightclub to another. You want to work during the day, but it’s not easy to make money at day, and it’s hot during the day, and I never work during the day.

This job is my favorite job in Australia for a number of reasons:

1. The freedom of the job is so great that you only need to pay your rent on time every week, and you can arrange your own work hours. Can work while doing all kinds of things, such as exercise, reading, chatting, ball (I often bring a basketball with the car), and of course, a beautiful woman! Not only do I hook up with beautiful women, but I also hook up with potential customers (I’ve met thousands of people just for this job, why don’t you say I’m not nervous when I hook up?). )

2. Do more, rely entirely on your own, have no fixed salary, and study your ability to see and respond to change (street smart). It’s a real job you need to go to hustle.

3. “Hourly wage” is very high, when the statutory minimum hourly wage in Australia is about A$18, I charge customers the “standard fee” is A$10 per customer, an average of two passengers per time, so I earn an average of A$20 per pull, the average length of each pull is only 5 to 10 minutes. Let’s say I earn A$20 in 10 minutes, or A$120 an hour! The time to really pull is very short, the time not to pull can freely do the above mentioned things I often do (exercise, reading, chatting, hook-up, etc.), very cost-effective!

4. Income is all in cash and there is no tax at all.

5. Everyone comes out at night party, have fun, the overall atmosphere is very good, fun, fun things happen from time to time. There were so many anecdotes at work that I couldn’t recall them all, but with the help of my circle of friends, I picked up a lot of good memories: I pulled an Australian actor, pulled him for more than two hours, and finally earned $500. I pulled a stripper and she gave me a lap dance on the tricycles. There were two guys in my back seat who rolled up a $50 bill in the back seat and used it as a straw, sucking cocaine through my nose. Meet an American cow man who sleeps thousands of girls, is a multi-millionaire, he started out selling marijuana, never been caught, earn enough money after the gold pot wash hands, is now the owner of several nightclubs, traveling the world.

I’m the most profitable of the boys in round three, having earned A$919.5 on a Saturday night (in fact, my personal record is New Year’s Eve, I made more than A$1,100 that night), and a good business can earn more than A$2,000 a week. Occasionally beautiful women come over and want to sit in my third round for free, and I ask them, “What’s in it for me?” “Some people will say, “I’ll flash my tits (I’ll show you my chest), ” I asked, “Can I touch it?” “They said, “No,” and I said, “What’s the difference between that and me watching yellow films?” I can watch yellow films for free, ” I remember one girl replied, “It’s real.” I said, “If I can’t touch it, it’s like watching a yellow film.” In this way, I turned down a lot of girls to show me the deal. Later I realized how to make better use of the occasional beautiful woman want to sit for free three rounds to get a girl, as detailed below. As many people asked me for my way, asked where I could buy cigarettes, wine and other things, so I prepared my “goods” in the storage box of the tricyrier and sold them to passers-by at a high price. I sell cigarettes and canned beer, shoes and T-shirts. Selling shoes and T-shirts is because the only strip club in the area is very high-end, wearing slippers, vest customers do not allow in, Cairns is in the tropics, the temperature is very high, many people wear slippers, vests go out, want to enter the strip shop can not enter, anxious. So I went to the supermarket and bought the cheapest A$5 pair of large broken shoes (so anyone’s feet can wear them) and sold them for A$50, which I remember selling at least three pairs. I remember once a customer thought I was selling his shoes too big, I said the beautiful woman saw his big shoes, you will think you have a pair of big feet, you may think you have a big rooster., this customer was soon convinced by me, obediently took out 50 Australian dollars, bought these shoes.

To get to the point, I’ll write about how I was accosted and eventually knocked down an Australian beauty in the open air. As I mentioned before, when I was waiting for customers in the third round, I would occasionally have beautiful women come over to ask me to pull them for free. At first, I refused, but later I learned to be a little smarter. I would ask them what benefits they had for me, but often they did not. Later, when I really learned to be smart, I found that the most effective way to do it was to ask what the benefits were (because girls were usually embarrassed to offer). Unfortunately, I woke up too late, not until the end of my three wheeled career.

 At the end of my three wheeled career, I moved from Cairns to Byron Bay, where I could also do it. One night, five girls came up to me and my tricycle, accosted me, and wanted to sit for free. I said unless I could kiss one of the beauties and point to one of them. The beautiful woman felt very honored, so she was glad to kiss me in public. Everyone was laughing and happy. So I kept my promise and pulled five girls in one breath (the standard carrying capacity was 3). I pulled them to a bar, and I exchanged contact information with a beautiful woman (her name is Patricia), and everyone was very happy. I sent a message to Patricia that we could hang out if we were free. The beauty was busy with the party and did not reply. However, I was lucky to meet these five girls again when the bars and nightclubs were closed. I mainly offered to send them back to their hotel for free. They were very happy. After I sent them to the place, I asked Patricia if she would like to “grab a beer” with me. (I have beer in my tricycle’s storage box to prevent people from becoming addicted to alcohol when bars and nightclubs close. I can sell them at a high price, and now it’s of great use.). Patricia accepted, so I cheerfully pulled her to a deserted parking lot near the beach. Opened two cans of beer, she took a sip, I didn’t drink one, and we started kissing. The next thing is definitely not in accordance with the quora specification, so I will not describe it and imagine it myself. The story is over, and if there are a lot of likes, I can add a few other fun things that happened while I was driving.

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