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I downloaded a dating app out of loneliness. I saw a lot of beautiful women in it, handsome guy live. My heart moved, and I opened the live room to start the live broadcast. At first only a few people watched, and I began to share my school life. There was a man who caught my eye and he said everything about my school I knew. I began to suspect that he was with me at school. Then he offered to add me, and we talked a lot. He is a humorous man. I told my friend Liina about it. Liina said I should ask him out. I can’t wait to meet him at school tomorrow. And he said let me wait. In philosophy class, I suddenly received his message, let me listen carefully. I was curious who he really was, so I dialed his video call. I didn’t expect our teacher’s cell phone to ring. Liina coaxed, is it a call from her girlfriend? The teacher looked at me gently and said yes. The whole class looked at me. My face turned red in an instant.

I’m not sure if I’m going to start a teacher-student relationship.

Personally, I advise you not to fall in love too early. Let’s see if your teacher is a veteran of the field, because your age difference determines that your life experience is different. Different attitudes towards love. But I think you can try to fall in love with your teacher while protecting yourself. Everyone’s love experience is different. My opinion is just to suggest that the real decision is still up to you.


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