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I am an unemployment people. Viktor and I met on the Internet. I was attracted by her picture. It was really beautiful. I started chatting with her. She was an introverted girl. She said she had never been in love. I was shocked because she was so beautiful that she didn’t have a boyfriend. Later, I learned that her parents were very strict with her, and she seldom contacted boys herself. I began to worry about whether she liked my type. And then we started a video call, and she looked the same as the picture. We are satisfied with each other. But when she said she wanted to go to summer camp with me, I winced. I can’t afford it at all. She seems a little angry, but I love her. Should I confess to her? I’m worried that she won’t like me after I confess with her. What should I do?

As far as I’m concerned, I suggest that you and Victor be frank. Love is based on being honest with each other. You can cheat her for a short time, but she will find out one day. If you really love her, please tell her the truth. According to your description, I believe she is a good girl. You can start looking for a job in the near future and find her when she comes back from summer camp. The above is just a personal opinion. I wish you a good result.

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