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Next I’m going to write some 9 tips for conquering men. The girls took notes and started class.

Tips1 Enriches itself

Enrich your role, not only as a girlfriend, wife, mother, lover, but also as a confidant. When you do that you don’t have to worry about his activities outside, and he’s definitely not going to cheat outside. He needs all kinds of comfort you can give, you must become a life can not be lacking people. Such multiple identities, which man would refuse? But to do this well, be sure to get along with the man in the process, run into each other, let him find more advantages in you.

Tips2 Became his friend

A considerate woman does not always restrict a man’s freedom, does not break his hobby. A man’s happiness is so widespread that he is not himself if he is not allowed to change his previous habits and ways for you. Sometimes, watch the game with him, play games with him, talk about the international economy, so that the life of both people relaxed.

Tips3 Be Yourself

The basic principle of a mature life is to be yourself. Many women try to fascinate or conquer men by changing their appearance or even their personality, such as by dressing themselves up as exaggerated and clearly being pure but pretending to be sexy. In fact, men are not so silly, really love you men just want you to be natural and temperamental.


Tips4 Don’t ask about the past

Everyone has the past, don’t keep asking, you don’t have a past?! Men have their own past, have a former girlfriend, but you do not have to always compare yourself with the past, but let yourself feel unhappy. Men choose you now, you are the woman he now likes, even people who want to spend their lives together. Why don’t you let it go? Relax, he will hurt you more.

Tips5 Has a proper sense of alienation for him

You won’t get angry at not seeing him when he’s busy. In your mind he has no privileges, he does not get a “fixed parking space” and there is no “dedicated access”. The so-called can not get is the best, this feeling will keep men curious about you.

Tips6 Allows him to have friends of the opposite sex

Allow him to make friends of the opposite sex and let him have his own circle. Of course, you have to learn to communicate and be a part of what both sides can’t lose. A normal person, there must be friends of the opposite sex, that is a legitimate way of life. If you’re not sure, be friends with his friends. Don’t limit the range of men’s dating, or it will be counterproductive and get worse.


Tips7 Has regular appointments

“Wednesday night is a happy time for us”, pre-arranged, only each other, do nothing else, go to a movie together, share a candlelit dinner in the restaurant, or do something else that they both like to do. Let the busy life have a little slow pace, enjoy only each other’s romantic time, let him feel your gentle and considerate in this date.

Tips8 Timely sexy and surprising

Men are animals in pursuit of freshness. Occasionally give him a little surprise, reveal some of your sexiness and seduction, say a heart-tinging sweet talk, create a romantic meeting … No man hates a woman who knows things and knows life.

Tips9 Don’t give orders

Some strong women in the face of the beloved man, often ignored that they are women and busy showing their talents, can not help but give orders to men, the result has caused men’s disgust. Women should be efficient and diligent in their work. But outside of work, learn to relax and make men feel like they’re dating a woman, not a hard-working brain.

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