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Chasing girls, is a very high cost of investment, money to pay for, no money to take time. The success of the first date determines the most critical step for boys to pursue girls! So, how do I date a girl? How to improve the success rate of a first date?

1.Understand each other’s preferences in the pursuit of a person, must do enough homework, clear her preferences and habits.

2. Dress taste dress is very important, taste-oriented, brand second! Don’t just wear a hundred clothes, don’t think the popular must look good! Wear clothes to choose their own, highlight their own strengths, rather than the latest listing. Dress neatly, simple and generous, don’t be shy and don’t be too formal and dull!

3.Dating location first considers the type of your data, if it is a lady, small fresh, literary and artistic model, business model, about afternoon tea is good (remember to arrive 15 minutes in advance, and send a text message to each other saying “I’m here”); It is best to choose a more prosperous location, as far as possible from the girl’s residence closer, so as to dispel her concerns! Places like zoos, parks, and botanical gardens are not suitable for first dates!

4. Talk funny women have said to find an honest, but in fact like and can talk eloquent chat. Gossip stops at the wise, chat stops at the haha! On the first date, the atmosphere is very important, should let both people feel very relaxed. As a man, have enough self-confidence, take the initiative to throw out topics, talk naturally, treat her as your friend, chat like a friend. Don’t be too enthusiastic and ask questions all the time; Don’t show off your knowledge reserves, she doesn’t need an encyclopedia; To find as much as possible the topic of interest to her, guide her to speak more. You can also talk about some interesting topics, such as gossip anecdotes, constellations, travel, black humor, and so on.

5.Praise girls pay attention to see girls’ clothes (the average girl and boys date will clean up) when you meet remember to praise: “Wow, today is so beautiful, almost did not recognize” and so on. Can also praise each other’s hairstyle, dress, temperament, etc., looks and figure do not mention.

6.Romance (≠ high consumption) under the condition that the appropriate manufacture of some romance and surprise will be more likely to impress the girl’s heart. But remember: romance doesn’t mean high consumption! A lot of boys think: the first date costs a lot of money, it costs a lot of money to make a romance… In fact, you don’t have to spend so much money, or even a lot of money, if you two don’t come together? Really can come together, often the woman will also understand you, what income on what life. There is a saying called “details determine success or failure”, in the girl’s case, the first date with you, she is more concerned about the details: a warm look, a word of concern, walking deliberately let the girl walk inside … Can make their hearts like deer hit, this is romance. Such action is nothing more than a small matter between the fingers, but it shows that you pay 100 percent attention to her. No woman can resist men’s theft, and they long to be cared for and cared for. Therefore, it is better to put down your fascist so-called face, show a man’s delicate and considerate side!

7. Want to indulge in an emotional must kill skills, the meaning is still the highest state to give themselves hints and subconscious: dating is to test her, see if she is worth your continued deep relationship, not to chase her! Keep your distance properly and make the other person realize that you’re not going to hang from this tree, so you can have an unexpected effect. For example, try to walk away from her from time to time while shopping with her, showing that you have no need for her, are natural, and have no intention of sticking to her. At the same time, the first date night do not have too much contact, point to the end (avoid that night or the next day to ask the girl how the date feels, unhappy and other silly questions)

8. At the end of the date to send a small gift, girls like to surprise, think you are very fond of her.

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