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The most important thing on dating software is still photos because our first impression decided whether to look at this person’s self-introduction, perhaps you are not particularly good-looking, but I believe that as long as there are a personal style and self-confidence, everyone can take, pick out “the perfect photo on the dating software.”

HR only looks at the resume for a few seconds, the opposite sex may look at the dating software photo time may be shorter, within a second may skip directly, so this photo is well worth your time carefully shot and carefully selected.

The hairstyle, clothing, posture, location of the photo will affect how the other person identifies you as this person, and will also attract people who appreciate you. For example, you are actually a love of cooking, tasting food, often at home to watch American drama, but put a Halloween party, low-chested, large makeup sexy photos, so that people will have a misunderstanding that most of your life is like this, or you are a very travelling person, but put a selfie in the bathroom at home, not only can not see your personality, may also feel that you are not friends or very boring.

The perfect photo on the dating software wins the first one

The purpose of this one is to give people a:

Make a good first impression and attract your ideal object

In principle, as long as it is clearly facing the camera, not wearing too many hats, do not wear sunglasses, smile or have their own expression style of natural life can be, not a bachelor’s photo, document photo, or public relations photo, photo, these are not taken well, otherwise, it is too fake, feel a lot of pictures or I am much worse.

The main points that can be avoided and noted are as follows:

The size of the face is about 1 / 3 to half the size of the photo, the phone thumbnail when the photo can see the face clearly.

Now a lot of mobile phones have a human image function, it will look better to shoot

Try not to use too many filters or all kinds of repair camera APP, soft focus (especially boys), looks fake.

Don’t take selfies with mirrors (and the kind with mirrors and bathroom backgrounds)

The point is, think about how you’re going to get people interested in your photos in a second. It’s not just about looking good, it’s about showing your best side and character, making him curious about who you really are, and starting to look at more photos and introduce yourself.

a different angle of your second picture

The second one will show you from different angles, perhaps the half body, the whole body, the side face, a certain unnoticed angle, the appearance of natural laughter, and so on, like the other side of the curiosity to dig a deeper layer.

Know what angle you look good from

Show off your physical strengths and hide your flaws (extended reading: Don’t scare him to death on your first date!) Dating wearing a security card (girls))

Interact with small objects around you, such as holding coffee, watching food ready to eat, and so on.

And the 2nd photo is best taken at different times, wearing different clothes, different backgrounds.

Show the third of your hobbies

Use this photo to show what you love to do, fitness, yoga, road running, mountain climbing, cooking, painting, wine tasting、…….. Too much interest can let the other side know you better, mainly according to your interests, want to choose anything that can be. But try to choose one that will interest the topic (watch comics, play electric, and don’t put it unless you’re super good), and look good in the picture (some postures don’t look good or you can skip it).

There is this interest if “true interest”, do not rise to play, such as a diving photo, but in fact, you only dived that once, also do not particularly like, then if the other side talks about diving topics or the same interest in diving, will feel you do not seem so real, just want to pretend.

Love Animal Super Plus Photo 4th

Many dating software has data showing that having a pet or taking a picture with a pet is a plus, especially for boys, so let’s take a picture of you and the animal.

If you really don’t have a pet, haven’t photographed a friend’s pet, or even hated animals, choose one more for the previous theme and the 1st one!

Travel never lacks topics Photo five

About 8 out of 10 modern people say they love to travel, and travel is the easiest time to get good-looking photos, so choose a representative or topical photo of the attraction to make the other person curious about the location, or let you immediately resonate.

Photo presentation can also give the other person a rough way to know what kind of trip you like, whether it’s a city tour exploring culture, an adventure up and down the mountain, or a sophisticated Michelin and premium resort that stretches a little from the photo.

To suggest the last six can be a little funny, funny, ghostly, cute, show your sense of humour photos, let people see in addition to a smile, but also want to know more interesting you.

That way, you’ll have a perfect set of photos. Remember, “perfect” does not mean that the worldly eyes of the super handsome, super beautiful photos, but close to the real you, and show your bright side, because we use dating software is not to become a million fans, but hope to meet the right object, like your original appearance.

Let’s review the key points of selecting photos:

Photos are true and clear, not fake

Multiple, multi-angle, don’t get too close (the whole face is stuffed with picture XX)

It’s not so good to show good, decorated (not hidden).

Highlight your expertise and hobbies and show off your glowing moments

The potential to build resonance

Stimulate each other’s curiosity

Don’t you think it’s a lot like a resume when you’re looking for a job?

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