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From fan contributions:

It was a bright afternoon and my parents went out. I was the only one reading in the room, and like all the boys I saw the yellow novel. It makes me sore. I can’t stand it, I remember my friend recommended to me the social software, which can be intimate videos with beautiful women. I recharged the VIP and chose Daisy, a hot body anchor. Let’s start private videos. It has to be said that Daisy is in great shape. Because I paid, Daisy showed me her naked and her damp cat as I asked. I had another orgasm, with my hands shaking. The awkward picture came, and I was so excited that I didn’t hear my parents open the door, and I completed the series in front of my parents. That’s a shame! If anyone in history dies of embarrassment, I’m sure I’ll be the first.

How can I ease this embarrassment with my parents? Now I’m very shy to see them. (Please post your good advice in the comments area.)

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