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From fan contributions:

My netizen junk and I met on the social app. We’ve met several people who are really good friends. We always have endless chats together.

Once, we both drank too much. I can’t walk softly on my body. Junk said he couldn’t help seeing my red face and kissed me. Then I went to take a bath because it smelled so bad. Who knew I had just finished taking a bath and walked out of the bathroom, and I was wearing a white bathrobe with my legs exposed. Junk looked at me obsessively and suddenly rushed up and kissed me without hesitation. His tongue was sobbing in his mouth, sucking water, and his erect power had begun to move foolishly. Suddenly junk’s power increased and my bathrobe was pulled down.

“You’re really great, ” junk said. He began to rub my chest hard and suck and circle with his tongue. I have to say, it’s really comfortable. My bottom is wet. The underwear was completely taken away by Junk in the pull. Yet he was in no hurry to enter, and he began to look at it carefully. I was shy, he gently rubbed the clitoris with his hand and opened my legs, and I called out my voice comfortably. He started playing with my chest again and said I was coming in baby. He began to wriggle wildly. We reached our first climax. But then junk wanted more. He dragged me into the warm bathtub and asked to take him into the hot tub. I just follow and enjoy things. We did our best in the bathtub.

It wasn’t until we woke up the next day that the humiliation began to surface. I apologized to him, and he apologized to me. But we’re still good friends, is that normal? (Feel free to express your opinion in the comments area.)

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