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The most difficult language in the world is the subtext of girls.

It is said that the girl’s words, only 1% of her real ideas, the remaining 99%, you have to be careful to figure out.

1.When girls wear makeup

In fact, just arrived at eye shadow, and eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, blush, shadows, highlights… At least for an hour.

2.When girls talk about the criteria for choosing a mate.

What are your criteria for finding a boyfriend?

My requirements are not high.

As a matter of fact,tall, handsome and rich.

When the girl keeps a close eye on a certain food, the boy asks, Do you want to eat this?

The girl wants to eat, but she doesn’t want to tell you she wants to eat. Because she doesn’t want you to know she wants to eat and buy it..All she wants is for you to buy it because you want her to eat, you know?

When a girl says she has no clothes to wear.

In fact, she has a lot of clothes. Open the wardrobe, the girl will automatically ignore, the last time out of the clothes worn, took pictures of the clothes. There is always a lack of a new dress in their wardrobe.

When girls go shopping.

After discounting $1999, do I need to pack it for you?

No, it doesn’t suit me very well.

Actually, it’s too expensive. No girl doesn’t want to buy it, only girls can’t afford it.

When the girl says, “It’s okay, I’m okay.”

In fact, something, the girl has begun to get angry, need you to coax her.

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