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1. The “Van Burm effect” . “van Burren effect” after a man’s break-up refer to the increase in consumer demand for a commodity because of its higher list price. The same is true of intimacy in love, many girls are in good condition, boyfriends are more and more do not love her, or even cheat. There are boys to pursue very hard, together, boys are not as good as before. Grasp this psychology, learn to improve their attractiveness to improve their own methods to let the other side produce the Vulbrand effect, their high-profile framework set up.

2. Sunk Cost: The more you invest, the more you like. The concept of psychology as a “sinking cost”, which refers to expenses that have already occurred that are recurring recoverable, such as time, money, energy, etc. People feel much more pain about losing than they do about getting happiness, so they are more reluctant to lose at a higher cost. In the process of recovery, learn to take advantage of the cost of sinking, let the other side to their own more time, spiritual investment (because they have broken up so it is difficult to invest money), it is easy to pull the other side’s attention back.

3. Differential psychology: the more different the more like people will be more interested in different things and people, such as a group of lively girls, there is a quite cool, but more will attract the attention of boys. This is the difference effect, attracted by people who are different. Therefore, in the process of saving the former boyfriend, try to make use of this psychology, let oneself try to be as different as possible. For example, you used to be a very quiet girl, now show their sunny and lively side, in the past your style of dress is sportswear or casual, now you can try to mature a woman’s feeling. Many people break up after no contact, compound the urgent task, of course, is to re-contact, otherwise, the time to disconnect too long, the more emotional basis consumed.

Many times, the girl after the break-up around the people will not support her nostalgia, because everyone knows you have paid enough. If you still want to save, friends will feel that they are wasting more valuable effort and time, not worth it. But in my eyes, the feelings of the world, there is no worth, not worth, only willing or unwilling.

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