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1. Sensitivity point! Slide from one side of the neck to the shoulder with the tip of your tongue, and then the whole back! And with a small hustle gently taped girl’s shoulder, bit by bit sliding behind (⊙ o ⊙) has … By… Write… No… it’s Behind the ear: “Not the ear!! Everyone knows to wet and slippery licking ears, hot air, but you certainly don’t know if you gasp behind your ears a few times, girls can’t hold on in an instant, hate you immediately come in now!

2.Waist: The girl’s favourite activity is to cross her whole arm from under her waist and grab her waist on the other side!! It feels great!! In fact, I think this position is not particularly sensitive, but the essence lies in all kinds of ferocious to her! ! Other very common lips, nose, chest, including the following, the inside of the thigh ah these we all know . . . . ah right, and collarbone! ! Finally, belly!! Men don’t forget to touch the belly gently with your fingertips, to be a little bit of the belly, not to worry about it, to make up for a little bit of evil little common sense: in the course of the process, with the whole palm of your girl’s belly. Think about it, and on both sides of the hips, every time someone is beaten is super excited!!

3.kissing when licking her upper jaw. You never tried, did you? Use your tongue gently lick their upper jaw, the same kiss girl’s when licking her upper jaw bar. Neck front left side of that one-shaped belt, not take off before the kiss; Can be.

4. The inside of the elbow, light kiss; (a small number of girl applicable)

5. The chest and chest tip, please separate the two areas, the early kiss, after you can suck or gently touch with your teeth. Kiss in circles and trust your girlfriend to be comfortable.

6. The inside of the thigh near the shy part of that piece, light licking(universal).

More important than sensitive bands is the technique of targeting sensitive bands. Use your hands to comb her hair and use her nose to exhale hot air on the scalp, eyelids to kiss, the nose can bite, try armpits, shoulder collarbones to lick, fingers to contain, two chests gathered together, try to put two chests in the mouth, spine to touch, the back can be coated with tea ah jam or something as a fire can be sucking up and down ,the hands kneading farts to do the outer shape, the inside of the knee licking in case it is her min gan belt, pinch ankles, fingers deep between the toes gap can also contain …

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