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At breakfast time, a six- or seven-year-old boy tried to take his unsoiled soy milk to an upstairs room for a drink but splashed a staircase as he went up the stairs. The little boy’s mother took the little boy to the waiter, asked the child to bow and apologize, and then asked the waiter for a rag, the little boy wiped the stairs, the mather washed the sink to wash the rags and watched the little boy wipe the stairs clean. The waiter said just leave her to come, and the mother said let’s do it. After wiping, take the little boy back the rag, again to apologize to the waiter.

I was sitting there and watching the whole process, and I thought it was done perfectly. Until I saw this mother ask the child, why do you think you’re turning over soy milk? Then he handed the child another cup of new soy milk, telling him that turning over the soy milk was the wrong position, one hand holding the bottom of the cup, one hand holding the cup to hold steady. The little boy went upstairs with this cup of soy milk and didn’t knock it over again.

To take the child to apologize is to let the child know that mistakes should be admitted attitude, let the child clean the stairs is to let the child know that mistakes after trying to make up, and finally let the child know that after making mistakes, to sum up, lessons so that future does not make the same mistakes.

A small thing, this mother’s education is very amazing.

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