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The photo of the “horse riding in the water” has been widely disputed online.

When I first looked at this picture, I didn’t feel anything special, it was just a sexy beauty posing for a picture.

But when I turned over the comments area, I found a slur.

After looking closely at the photos, there was also a faint sense of uneasiness – did the ins blogger’s team abuse the horses to get them into the water? Is there a safety hazard for horses in saltwater? The truth behind these photos, it’s chilling to think about. To gain eyeballs to get clicks, deliberately take this animal life to risk the adventure of hunting photos, this practice is really unpleasant. However, this is not the first time in the world of filming.

The frog in the photo holds a small lotus leaf umbrella, which is both childish and fresh and natural. The photographer claimed at the time that he was in the backyard when he came across the cute frog and kept it going for nearly half an hour before he was “lucky to take this precious picture.”

However, a closer look at the photo revealed that the frog’s right leg was visibly blood-filled and swollen. Some netizens guess that frogs can maintain this position for half an hour, which is the reason for being forced to fix the leg. The poor frog paid the price of one leg for this fresh picture of healing.

This scene of hamsters and birds “fighting to eat” fruit highlights the harmonious atmosphere of nature.

However, these seemingly wild and natural photographs are actually taken in sheds. Professional bird traders will catch the birds in the shed in advance.

In this process, the protection of animals from harm is the obligation to photograph, but also the bottom line of photographs.

And for that blood-stained art, we meet once, bombard.

Because such art presents not beauty, but cruel ugliness.

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