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1.The vast majority of women can detect whether the other person loves her.

2. Most women to chat with you is more psychological loneliness, rather than physiological needs, men are the opposite.

3.Women break up really just threaten you, want to attract your attention. Because women are emotional animals, more value your attitude.

4.Back home, most women will take off their underwear, suddenly feel very happy.

5.Women like to receive gifts, if you do not know what to send, then send money, she does not think you are not romantic, but happier.

6.Not all women are hard-working, some girls are actually very lazy, socks will pile up for a long time to wash, do not see them change clothes very diligently, in fact, they are also lazy to wash clothes.

7. Do you know the details of how much it takes for girls and favourite boys to sleep? Hair loss is too primary. Nails are to be repaired, eyebrows are to be repaired, body care milk bath is to be done, toes and soles are to be repaired, hair is to be repaired, lip fluff is to be dyed, in short, the whole body slippery fragrance.

You think you’re just sleeping with her, but you’re sleeping with money.

8. If you ask a woman out and she brings a make-up bag, 100 percent of it is that she won’t go home at night.

9. When a woman meets someone she thinks is important, she will wash her hair first.

10. If there’s no special reason, she’s wearing a mask, either she’s not wearing makeup or she’s got acne on her face.

11. Women generally don’t like oral sex because their mouths are really sour, and if she wants to, she must love you very much.

12. Girls actually love to see beautiful women more than boys.

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