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1. Making intensive, intense, and even threatening eye contact with your intended person is the first step in making him fall in love with you. When chatting with he, please greatly increase your eye contact. Look for his optic nerves, lock your eyes to each other, and create the kind of ambiguous atmosphere you already love.

2. Every time you chat with the person you like, keep your eyes on his face for a while longer, you must move away from the line of sight, please show love.

3.To a line of sight trip, first of all, the overall face, in the concentration of eyes, if the other side enjoys, then step down, to each other’s neck, shoulders and body.

4.Feel, smile, open, found, touch, eye, nod

5.Cherry-picking techniques in conversation if you can find “cherry in conversation” will never let your chat with him into a nonsense deadlock.

6.Use us to express, chat like a friend, write down a few beautiful, full of emotion of the hotel.

7.Record where the intended you like’ people went, what said, what needs to be dealt with.

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