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Someone in Rio de Janeiro filmed the moment a man took off his shoes and gave them to a girl who had no home to go back to.

After Hurricane Sandy hit, a family posted a sign that said, “We still have electricity.” You can charge your phone here. ”

“When I came home from a business trip, I saw my daughter and my grandmother falling asleep hand in hand. . . They are 86 years apart. ”

Warm heart.

Every Sunday, the New York hairstylist d’Or d take to the streets to cut the vagrants’ hair.

A firefighter holds a kitten rescued from a fire and lets it suck up oxygen.

Someone has built a special swing for children in wheelchairs.

The woman, named Sue, was walking with her dog on an embankment in Melbourne. Suddenly a strong wind blew the dog into the water… Passers-by in white immediately took off their clothes and jumped into the river to save the dog. That day, he came to the embankment to scatter the ashes of his late mother into the river but saved another life.

A parent prepares a “gift” for each passenger on the plane:

The sick grandmother was not confident enough to put on her light blue pyjamas, and her grandson accompanied her.

Two Norwegian lads rescued the lamb from the sea.

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