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1.Love to guess or cover each other’s eyes, and then use any small objects in the home can be found, love pity your partner’s sensitive nude, to see how many he can guess.

2.The exchange of gender is very simple, that is, men pretend to be women, women also pretend to be men, you can do whatever you want to play her / he, and so you play enough to play the role of the pair back.

3.Play the wind to each other for a period of time, in this period only need each other to “blow” what, you have to do what. It’s a hunting trick that waits and fears injury.

4.Strip full show. Dim the lights in your home, wear your sexiest dress in the blur, play amazing, heart-stopping music, and open up a raw private strip show for your partner.

5.Strange sexual partners in between a person first went to the bar alone, and then pretend to know and chat with each other, like to uncover a beautiful first acquaintance. You can try which opening statements are useful to demagogue him or her, which are not attractive, and then indulge in unexpected feedback from your exclusive partner.

6.A variety of times both people look for some small pieces of paper, one by one write down your previous quietly longing or hunting strange sexual behaviour, and then collected in a hat or bowl. Then take a random one and discuss the topic above, and if both agree, try it. This method is simply great for sharing each other’s wishes.

7.Blindfolded try to eat a towel or handpass to cover your partner’s eyes, and then feed him taste a variety of different foods, each bite is good, to see if the other person recognized what their own food is. The method is famous for playing this “good guess” teaser game from mickey Locke and Kim Bessinger in the movie “Love You Nine and a Half Weeks.”

8.Warm photo of you two between one of the first to play the photographer, the other as a model. The latter is necessary to let the former dominate, and then make the other side designated a variety of sophomore postures, easily in the magnesium lamp indulge in the display of your own sexual charm. You can take pictures with only your camera, assuming that taking turns taking pictures will make each other more able to catch each other. Record your love process and quietly play AV male or female! Remember, cover your face!

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