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Say a movie I can’t explain.

Is Lolita-esque love love?

Should a middle-aged uncle fall in love with underage women?

This starts with the novel Lolita.

“I looked at her, looked at her and looked at her. A lifetime, wholeheartedly, my favourite is her, to be sure, as sure as I will die… She can fade, she can wither, she can do anything. But I only looked at her, all tenderness, and poured into my heart…” Many literary and artistic youths were moved by this monologue, thinking that this was conclusive evidence that the old man really loved Lolita. Unfortunately, I never read love, read only a child molester’s lust and self-moved love. The story begins with the confession of Humbert, a seemingly elegant, successful and talented man, in which he shows his crazy love for a charming, depraved, vain goblin girl. Humbert had always liked girls between the ages of 9 and 14, and he met Lolita when she was 14. Humbert saw the half-naked Lolita in the garden attracted. To get close to him, he married her mother and became her stepfather. He peered at her, a girl’s moving daily and delicate body. Original novel: Humbert expresses his fascination with Lolita: kissing her young uterus with greedy lips, her unsophedited heart, her pearly liver, her horse-tailed algal lungs and her good-looking kidneys. This lure-filled text really makes me unable to share.

After the girl’s mother died in a car accident, he took possession of her and let her have sex. After possessing Lolita, he seemed to pamper her and indulge her, but he controlled her. So Lolita learned to bargain with him about her body in exchange for pocket money and the chance to act in a play. Power manipulation and forced trading, can you get involved in love? But in Humbert’s autobiography, he manipulates him in such a way as to love her, but a poor man who is blinded by his own lust. At the end of the novel, he takes his pregnant Lolita with him, and after being rejected, he gives her all the money. He saw his Loretta with someone else’s child and became vulgar and vulgar.

He hated the playwright who had tricked her into ruining Lolita. So he shot and killed him. He did whatever it took to commit a crime for Lolita and die for her. Many readers were also shocked from here, dismayed by the man’s deformed but scorching love. could even stand in Humbert’s shoes and just for him. They felt that if Humbert was guilty, he was too weak to allow himself to be tormented by love. If there’s anything wrong with Humbert, he’s too honest about his desires to be understood. Some people stand on the chain of literary contempt and think that it is a bad thing to interpret literature morally. But think about it: the whole movie is from a child molester’s perspective, and if Lolita’s perspective is a crime drama that is inadvertently pushed into the abyss by child molesters as a child. 4, please do not use art filters to blur the bottom line of civilization. Love, at least, should be a choice between two adults. 14-year-old girl, perhaps the body is already a ripe grape.

But that curiosity, that tenderness, that greenness, that has not yet been a qualitative mind so that she can not be responsible for their own actions. She could not have foreseen all the evil consequences that might have happened. The world has yet to show a girl of this age what real fangs look like. She was imprisoned in adult captivity, and she mistook it for love, her whole world. Is this “love” normal? It’s manipulation, it’s possession, it’s the destruction of young girls’ minds step by step. So, don’t old men deserve lust? Of course not. But shouldn’t it be too late for a normal old man to meet an underage girl and hug her? People of every age should have the right to seek beautiful, hot love. But first of all, we must follow the three principles of voluntary, adult, private. To an underage girl to talk about love, love, is shameless.

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