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1.No negative calorie food, as long as it is food has calories, the world’s litter calorie thing is water.

2.Drink juice is not the same as eating fruit, a cup of fruit juice needs a lot of fruit to squeeze out, fructose a lot, and filtered fibre, drink more can only get fat.

3.Sugar-free diet cookies and other foods may not be able to lose weight, they are still very high carbon water.

4,.” no sugar” does mean no sugar. Prepackaged foods can claim to be sugar-free for every 100g or 100ml of added sugar below 0.5g.

5. Zero fat food calories are not necessarily low, usually may increase sugar to optimize the taste, thereby increasing calories.

6.Vegetable crisps are not healthy food, to make them taste good, will add a lot of oil, salt and so on, so the calories are much higher than natural vegetables, but the nutritional value is very low.

7. The whole wheat bread you eat may be fake. If the top 3 on the ingredients list are oil, sugar, or wheat flour, it’s fake wholemeal bread.

8.want to buy real whole wheat bread, first of all, to see the ingredients table, the first is whole wheat flour (not a word bad), and the amount added is not less than 50%, less oil and less sugar, is considered to be a good whole wheat bread.

9. Salads may be more calorie-rich than burgers, and if your salad contains lots of fatty salad dressings, cheeses, carbon water, dried fruit, etc., it will only make you fatter and fatter.

10. Coffee is largely beneficial, and only specific groups of people, such as pregnant women and people with heart disease, need to avoid caffeine.

11. Alcohol is harmful to the body even in small amounts. If you must drink alcohol, men drink no more than 25 grams of alcohol a day and women no more than 15 grams.

12. Eating too fast is the number one reason you get fat. Eating too fast will make you already very full, but the brain will still let you have not had enough thoughts, and so you feel full when you have overeaten more than 1 times the meal, calorie intake will naturally double.

13.adjust the order of eating can be thin. Eating in → of → soups→ protein and staples can cut calorie intake in half and maintain longer satiety.

14. there is no local fat reduction. Fat reduction is systemic, practice a certain part will only exercise the muscles, so that the lines are better, will not practice which thin.

15. winter is more good for reducing fat. Many people feel that winter is very cold, exercise without sweating does not affect. In fact, the colder the weather, the easier it is to mobilize body fat consumption, consumption and exercise-related, as long as the intensity of exercise is enough, not afraid of not thin.

16. Drinking water before bed will not cause edema in the body. For people who are healthy and have normal kidney function, drinking water before bed will be metabolized by the body, will not produce edema. Edema is possible unless you drink a lot of water, which may be caused by eating too much flavour that night (sodium intake exceeds the limit).

17. Will you get fat eating before you go to bed? The time you eat is not the root of getting fat. Calorie intake is the right case, you can eat! Eat healthily!

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