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The three smiling girls in this picture are named Susan. Atkins (left) and Patricia. Klingwinkor, Leslie. Van Houten.

They were members of the cult-tinged crime organization the Manson family and were the main perpetrators of the Manson family series of killings that shocked the world.

The Manson family plotted to kill Sharon Tate, the wife of the famous director Polanski, who was eight and a half months pregnant.

Sharon Tate was found with a rope and was killed with 16 knives, while four friends at his home were killed at the same time. The scene of the murder was tragic, all were stabbed to death, the body was covered in cloth, the worst victim had 51 knife wounds, the murderer also used the blood of the deceased.

Write insulting words such as “PIG” on the wall.

The Mansons committed four crimes in a very short period of time in 1969, killing nine people, and they deliberately targeted actors, artists, wealthy businessmen and other “famous people” to create a sensation, and even deliberately left clues after the crime, provoking the public.

However, these female criminals, in the process from arrest to trial, fearless and repentant, but deliberately dressed in bright clothes to attend the trial, chat and laugh, sing loudly, tease reporters, threaten the court. All the photos left at that time were of them smiling. Outside the courtroom, many members of the Manson family painted the same signs in a show of outright solidarity with their militants who planned to arm the jail and even assassinate President Ford.

Because of the evidence and lack of remorse, these culprits, including “Manson” himself were sentenced to death, but not before the execution, California announced the abolition of the death penalty, the death penalty has been sentenced to death in full.

Their smiles can’t help but ponder: there is pure “evil” in this world, and when an otherwise sound, normal person loses the scale of good and evil completely, loses his conscience, and becomes a killing machine, the law tries to “protect” them (except for Atkins, who is still applying for parole).

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