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Speaking of Japanese Bento, everyone’s first reaction is exquisite! Well done!

But there was a high school mom who wasn’t like this. Her lunch box was like this.

Plus the lovely heart shape is also not good!

Maybe it’s “worrying” that her son’s meal isn’t disgusting enough

The mother came up with more tricks

For example, dig a lump of super large sticky “nose excrement” and put it into the rice.

Or put bright red ketchup on the side of the severed finger, suggesting that it has just been cut.

There is also this kind, once opened, there is a broken finger pointing at you.

Except for the fingers.

The toes certainly can’t be less.

Mother also “intimate” attached a line of words: there is foot gas.

And this one.

Uncle’s mouth, so lifelike.

And disgusting shit.

besides the creative mother also made a silkworm trilogy.

Maybe it’s too hard to watch her son prepare for the college entrance examination

she decided to use this way to make her son laugh

Ease his tension and seriousness

Finally, the son was admitted to Japan’s top university of Tokyo

At present, her son is in the second grade of the literature department.

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